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Buzzme to become regional MVNO, International roaming at local rates

Buzzme, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Malaysia announced its regional expansion plans in 4 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.


Celebrating its 3rd anniversary last week with a new logo, the virtual Telco unveiled its plan to re-strategize the brand, products, rewards, offerings, and communications to rejuvenate its entire business portfolio. It said new product lines and new markets will be established, including a new business segment catered for SMEs that is targeted to launch by Q4 of 2016, which will include push-to-talk, taxi mobile applications and a number of other features. 

Buzzme is part of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd, a mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA). The company has been operating in Malaysia since 2013. It plans to launch in Thailand next month, Indonesia in Q4, Philippines in Q2 2017 and Myanmar in Q4 2017. Buzzme says that it wants to become South East Asia’s first regional MVNO.

As part of this regional expansion, Enabling Asia will be introducing ‘1 World, 1 Simcard’. Once rolled out across all MVNOs, Buzzme subscribers will be able to use and purchase prepaid add-ons at the country they are in at local rates without having to purchase and swap to a local simcard upon arrival. Instead, Buzzme subscribers traveling abroad will automatically be assigned a local number, allowing them to stay connected with friends and families residing abroad or back home without worrying about exorbitant roaming charges.

In Malaysia, Enabling Asia has a MVNO agreement with U Mobile. Buzzme’s mobile services are offered via the U Mobile network in the country. The MVNO currently offers a prepaid service and will soon enable its 4G LTE service in Malaysia. Its prepaid starter packs are priced at RM10 and RM30.

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