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CFM to improve complaints management on Service Providers

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) held its 16th Annual General Meeting today which discussed numerous ways to enhance consumer empowerment in communications and multimedia services.


CFM, established and designated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), is tasked with, amongst others, to promote the growth of Malaysia’s communications and multimedia industry and the protection of consumer interests by fostering the highest standards of business ethics and behaviour through industry self-governance. CFM is also a channel for complaints redress on Communications and Multimedia services.

In 2015, over 97% of complaints were resolved by CFM and the remaining 3% were resolved within the first quarter of 2016. MY MOBILE RIGHTS has helped to facilitate the complaints process by design, as it provides for a better consumer experience through a purpose designed interface which is more intuitive and minimalist. CFM’s Complaints and Compliance Management Department is working closely with the various Services Providers to ensure all cases will be solved in a time manner as per mandated by the General Consumer Code of Practice for the Communications and Multimedia Industry Malaysia (GCC) every year,” said the Chairman of CFM, Megat Ishak Maamunor Rashid.

Among the top five (5) consumer complaints categories received by CFM in 2015 include:

  • Poor Service
  • Billing and Charging
  • Poor Coverage
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • No Coverage

Poor Service represented 42% of the total complaints received in 2015 whereas a total of 29% are related to Billing and Charging issues.

CFM said the highlight of consumers’ complaints received by CFM in 2015 was Service Downtime, topping at 989 complaints, the highest recorded by CFM. Other complaints received by CFM included problems related to Internet connectivity and how the consumer’s inability to use the service despite earlier complaints lodged to the Service Providers.

In 2016, CFM has received some 4,748 complaints to date.

Total Complaints Received by CFM

2016 4,748 As of August 2016
2015 7,326 INCREASED 6.11% (2014-2015) 97% were resolved in 2015

3% were resolved in

first quarter 2016

2014 6,904


“We delivered this performance in 2015 while at the same time improving the time taken to resolve 100% complaints received this year in 2016. We are aware of the many challenges faced by communications and multimedia consumers in Malaysia, but also of the numerous ways and we are organizing ourselves to provide the best platform of complaint management for the consumers.”, the Chairman said.

Among the items discussed by members of the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia at their 16th AGM were:
1.    To strengthen complaints management and resolution performance
2.    To reduce the time taken to resolve complaints for at the most 30 days for 95% of complaints received
3.    To enhance consumer awareness and optimize membership engagement for both supply and demand

CFM is reachable through its complaint portal, www.complaint.cfm.org.my. Alternatively, consumers could also lodge their complaint by sending an e-mail to aduan@cfm.org.my or by calling CFM toll-free number 1-800-18-2222.

Consumers facing a problem are advised to seek assistance from their respective service providers first. They should only refer to CFM if their issues are not resolved by the service providers.

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