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Average Internet Speed in Malaysia now 6.8Mbps, still slower than Thailand, Australia – Akamai

Akamai Technologies, Inc., one of the leading content delivery network (CDN) services in world, released its Second Quarter (Q2), 2016 State of the Internet (SOTI) Report this week.


Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the report provides insight into key global statistics such as connection speeds, broadband adoption metrics, notable Internet disruptions, IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 implementation.

Internet speed in Malaysia & Asia Pacific (Akamai Q2, 2016 SOTI report):

Akamai measured the Internet speed in Malaysia from over 2 million unique IPv4 addresses.

Average Internet connection speed in Asia Pacific:

Malaysia Average Internet Connection Speed was 6.8Mbps in Q2 2016, ranking improved to 68 globally (vs rank 73 in Q1 2016).

  1. South Korea: 27Mbps
  2. Hong Kong: 19.5Mbps
  3. Singapore: 17.2Mbps
  4. Japan: 17.1Mbps
  5. Taiwan: 15.6Mbps
  6. Thailand: 13.7Mbps
  7. New Zealand: 10.6Mbps
  8. Australia: 8.5Mbps
  9. Malaysia: 6.8Mbps
  10. Indonesia: 5.9Mbps
  11. Sri Lanka: 5.7Mbps
  12. China: 5.2Mbps
  13. Vietnam: 5.1Mbps
  14. Philippines: 4.3Mbps
  15. India: 3.6Mbps

Average Internet Peak Connection Speed in Asia Pacific:

Malaysia Average Internet Peak Connection Speed was at 51Mbps in Q2 2016 (vs 46.3Mbps Q1 2016), ranking dropped to 57 globally (from 54 in Q1 2016).

  1. Singapore: 157.3Mbps
  2. Hong Kong: 114.3Mbps
  3. South Korea: 110.1Mbps
  4. Indonesia: 91.9Mbps
  5. Taiwan: 88.8Mbps
  6. Japan: 85.3Mbps
  7. Thailand: 77.6Mbps
  8. New Zealand: 53.8Mbps
  9. Australia: 51.1Mbps
  10. Malaysia: 51.0Mbps
  11. Sri Lanka: 43.9Mbps
  12. Vietnam: 37.1Mbps
  13. China: 35.4Mbps
  14. Philippines: 32.9Mbps
  15. India: 26.1Mbps

Some 66% of Internet connection from Malaysia have speeds above 4Mbps, with its ranking dropped to 70 globally. As for speeds above 10Mbps, Akamai detected 16% of Internet connection have such speeds, ranking improved at 58 globally.

As for mobile Internet speeds, Akamai’s report showed that Malaysia has an average speed of 3.4Mbps in Q1 2016 (vs 3.3Mbps in Q1 2016). Average peak mobile Internet speed in Malaysia was at 31.8Mbps (vs 26.1Mbps in Q1 2016).

Global Internet connection speeds (Akamai Q2, 2016 SOTI report):

Top 10 Average Internet Connection Speed in the World:

Global Average Internet speed dropped to 6.1Mbps in Q2 2016 (vs 6.3Mbps Q1 2016).

  1. South Korea: 27Mbps
  2. Norway: 20.1Mbps
  3. Hong Kong: 19.5Mbps
  4. Sweden: 18.8Mbps
  5. Switzerland: 18.3Mbps
  6. Finland: 17.6Mbps
  7. Latvia: 17.5Mbps
  8. Singapore: 17.2Mbps
  9. Japan: 17.1Mbps
  10. Iceland: 17Mbps

Top 10 Average Peak Internet Connection Speed in the World:

Global Average Peak Internet connection speed was at 36Mbps (vs 34.7Mbps Q1 2016).

  1. Singapore: 157.3Mbps
  2. Hong Kong: 114.3Mbps
  3. South Korea: 110.1Mbps
  4. Bahrain: 100.9Mbps
  5. Qatar: 97.8Mbps
  6. Macao: 94.5Mbps
  7. Indonesia: 91.9Mbps
  8. Taiwan: 88.8Mbps
  9. Japan: 85.3Mbps
  10. Romania: 84.2Mbps

Highlights from Akamai’s Second Quarter, 2016 State of the Internet Report:

Global Average Connection Speeds and Global Broadband Connectivity

  • Global average connection speed decreased 2.3% from the first quarter of 2016 to 6.1 Mbps, a 14% increase year over year.
  • Global average peak connection speed increased 3.7% to 36.0 Mbps in the second quarter, rising 2.5% year over year.
  • Global 10 Mbps broadband adoption rate grew 0.7% quarter over quarter, but 15 Mbps and 25 Mbps broadband adoption rates fell 0.8% and 2.1%, respectively.

IPv4 and IPv6

  • The number of unique IPv4 addresses connecting to the Akamai Intelligent Platform was just over 800 million, which is 1% less than the first quarter of 2016.
  • Belgium remained the clear global leader in IPv6 adoption with 38% of its connections to Akamai occurring over IPv6, up 5.1% from the previous quarter.
  • Cable and wireless/mobile providers continued to drive the largest volumes of IPv6 requests, with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sky Broadband topping the list with 74%, 61% and 56% of their requests to Akamai being made over IPv6 in their regions, respectively.


  • Average mobile connection speeds ranged from a high of 23.1 Mbps in the United Kingdom to a low of 2.2 Mbps in Venezuela.

[Download PDF]– Akamai State of the Internet Report SOTI Q2, 2016

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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