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All U Mobile UMI Prepaid Plans upgraded, UMI 30 now with 10GB Internet [Insider]

In conjunction with Christmas and the New Year, U Mobile is upgrading its Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) plans for prepaid users with 3 times (3x) more data.


All Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) plans are automatically upgraded starting today till 15 February 2017. Details below:

UMI 20 (Total 5GB)
4.5GB data
Free 500MB Video ONZ
Unlimited Music ONZ
20 minutes free calls to all networks

UMI 25 (Total 7GB)
6GB data
Free 1GB Video ONZ
Unlimited Music ONZ

UMI 30 (Total 10GB)
7.5GB data
Free 2.5GB Video ONZ
Unlimited Music ONZ
30 minutes free calls to all networks

UMI 38 (Total 8GB)
6GB data
Free 2GB Video ONZ
Unlimited Music ONZ
150 minutes free calls to all networks

UMI 50 (Total 16GB)
12GB data
Free 4GB Video ONZ
Unlimited Music ONZ
50 minutes free calls to all networks

Users will enjoy the upgraded Internet data when they renew their UMI plans.

On top of these, U Mobile Power Prepaid users currently enjoy free 1GB of high speed Internet every month for life (if user activate by 31 Jan 2017) and 2GB Basic Internet. Voice calls are charged 12sen/min while each SMS cost 8sen each. Power Prepaid is priced at RM8.50 and comes pre-loaded with RM5 credit. It is available nationwide, including at more than 1,800 7-Eleven outlets.

For more information please visit the U Mobile website.

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  • Janna

    Boost Top up? Is it a games or an app that boost the line when top up our account. Getting curious here.

    • Sara

      I think it is an app maybe as it just seems familiar with other app from what i see previously. But not sure if its a game too. Both also can maybe. lol

    • Michelle

      Boost the line? I dont think it does that. I guess the objective is to top up and gain points right? There are similar apps but for other stuff. 1st time i heard for mobile top up

      • Daklin

        This doesnt sounds that good as i always uses online banking to buy prepaid. Boost gain points is just like a promotion that we can find everywhere nowadays. Be more creative lol

        • Haidar

          I think this is suitable for gamer only as its more fit to their style as easy to buy games items. I just can buy prepaid at shop or just do online prepaid. No need this app.

          • Michelle

            I think the target could be focus on gamers. But there are such like transfer top up to your friend that might be on a different telco. I really like that. Cause now mostly we are stuck with one telco and cant transfer to others.

        • Michelle

          Promotions are to make you used to the platform. Once you get used to it. You tend to use it more. Promotion is just for you to start using it. WIthout promotion i guess less people would use and talk about it. Dont you think so?

          • wong96

            Ya,i agree your statement “promotioon is just for you to start using it,Without promotion,i guess less people would use and talk about it”.Boost top up really gv us a lot of promotion like once we register account for boost app,we will get RM5 bonus credit.But after we download it and get the free bonus credit,do you still think we will use it a long time??because for prepaid user,i will not use this app to top up my credit. I can just top up online without this app. So,when I can top up myself,why i still need this app for me??

          • john97

            Ya,especially for elder generation,i dont think they know how to top up by using boost app. I think they more prefer to buy top up ticket .

  • Peggy Low

    Anybody using the Boost apps? Any reviews??
    Wanna try to use it but not really know about this app

    • Trevor

      Yeah want to know more about it also. Seems like quite hot among prepaid users right now.

      • Peggy Low

        I’ve tried it and its good! Now can get RM 8 for new registration, let’s try!

    • TheOneJack

      I heard my friend said that you can topup Steam wallet with this app also, not just limited to phone credits.

    • Selina

      Before using this Boost app I had to go to the store to buy the prepaid reload cards and sometimes I’m just too busy to go the shop. Now with this apps I can reload anytime I want without any hassle.

    • ChongDS

      You need to try it out for yourself, never try never know. It’s very easy to use also, just register an account and everything else is pretty straightforward.

    • 001JoJoStar

      If you have any friends who wish to try out the Boost app just give them your referral code when signing up to receive RM5 credit 🙂 Sharing is caring yo

      • Peggy Low

        my friend used my referral code and they receive RM 8 as new user and i get RM 5 as referral~ the app is convenience and amazing!