MCMC: Malaysia Broadband & Cellular Subscriptions Dropped as of 3Q16

In its “Communications and Multimedia : Facts and Figures, 3Q 2016 ” published last month, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) revealed its latest statistic of the Telecommunication services in Malaysia

Key Telecommunication statistics in Malaysia:

  • 43.9 million cellular subscribers in the country
  • 9.3 million postpaid subscriptions
  • 34.6 million prepaid subscriptions
  • 3,597 million SMS sent
  • 28 million mobile broadband subscriptions
  • 2.7 million fixed broadband subscriptions
  • 77.9% household broadband penetration
  • 60% LTE population coverage
  • 90% 3G population coverage
  • 1.9 million HSBB Ports
  • 4.6 million fixed telephony subscriptions

Among the numbers that has dropped include Household Broadband Penetration, Fixed Broadband subscriptions, Mobile Broadband subscriptions and Cellular Subscribers.

Household Broadband Penetration (per 100 households) has dropped from 78.7% in 1Q16 to 77.9% in 3Q16. There are 2.7 million fixed broadband subscriptions according to the latest figure but it was 3.1 million subscriptions in 4Q15.

Malaysia Household Broadband Penetration by State/Federal Territories % (numbers that dropped are highlighted in red):

State 4Q15 1Q16 2Q16 3Q16
Perlis 61.6% 60% 57.1% 57.3%
P.Pinang 86% 86.5% 87.9% 88.6%
Perak 65.6% 65.5% 65.6% 65.6%
Selangor 98.5% 97.8% 97.7% 99.7%
Kuala Lumpur 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Putrajaya 61.2% 63.7% 61.7% 61.9%
N.Sembilan 73% 74.2% 74.8% 74%
Melaka 74.1% 73.6% 74.1% 72.9%
Johor 80.6% 97.8% 87.2% 86.4%
Pahang 60.9% 60% 59.9% 56.8%
Terengganu 63.9% 61.6% 57.8% 56.8%
Kelantan 54.3% 53.7% 51.5% 51%
Kedah 57.5% 57% 54.2% 54.2%
Sarawak 56.6% 53.1% 53% 51.8%
Labuan 51.7% 49.9% 61.5% 47.8%
Sabah 48.3% 45.4% 43.2% 43.3%


MCMC revealed that Cellular subscription dropped from 44.1 million in 1Q16 to 43.9 million in 3Q16. There were 44.9 million mobile-cellular subscriptions in Malaysia at the end of 2014.

Mobile Broadband subscriptions was 28.2 million in 1Q16 but the numbers are now lower at 28 million. SMS usage also dropped over the past year from 5,200 million SMS sent in 4Q15 to 3,597 million SMSes sent in 3Q16.

Speaking at the MyIX Media Workshop recently, Haji Bukhari Yahya, Head of the High Speed Broadband Development Department at MCMC, said the household size projection has increased year by year thus this affects the Household Broadband Penetration numbers. As for the mobile subscriptions, he said the base will become more accurate as MCMC carries out the enforcement on prepaid registration and filter out inactive numbers. The MCMC representative also noted that Malaysia has a saturated mobile market as a lot of people owns more than one mobile number.

At the end of 2015, Malaysia population was estimated at 30.68 million and 7.48 million household. As of 3Q16, the population in Malaysia stands at 30.97 million (population projection based on Census 2010) and 7.57 million households.

In terms of HSBB (High Speed Broadband Project), the latest statistic are:

  • Available in 103 areas (approximately 42% premises coverage)
  • 1.92 million HSBB ports installed (3.2 million premises passed)
  • 908,600 HSBB subscriptions (50% port utilization)
  • 1.74TBps International Network Capacity Upgrade
  • 5 Service Providers subscribed to HSBB Access (HSBA) services
  • 26 companies subscribed to HSBB Transmission (HSBT) services

Among those who presented at the MyIX Media Workshop include Wan Murdani Wan Mohamad from MDEC, Chiew Kok Hin, Chairman of MyIX and Lee Cheung Loong from IPServerOne.

[Download PDF]– MCMC 3Q16 Malaysia Telecommunications Statistic

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