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Pay for Apps/Movies/Games on Google Play Store with U Mobile Prepaid & Postpaid

U Mobile has officially announced its carrier billing availability on Google Play.

Enabled by DOCOMO Digital, U Mobile customers can now make purchase of digital services, such as mobile applications, games, books, movies and more on platforms such as Google Play Store even if they do not own a credit or debit card. For prepaid customers, they may make the purchase via their mobile airtime credits, whilst postpaid customers will see those transactions in their monthly bill.

U Mobile Google Play Carrrier Billing

DOCOMO Digital is the operation unit for the global digital ecosystem platform business operations of NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest mobile operator.

The payment method will be powered using DOCOMO Digital’s full payment enabler platform, which connects management tools, business intelligence, marketing, reporting and CRM capabilities into the operator’s systems, enabling it to gain insight and transparency on end user behaviour. DOCOMO Digital will also provide a range of customer care tools for consumers, ensuring they have full visibility of carrier billing transactions charged to their mobile account.

U Mobile said it partnered with DOCOMO Digital as they have a proven track record in providing their Carrier Billing Technology to telcos from various countries such as Australia, Japan, and various European nations.

Jasmine Lee, U Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted that this is just one of many new and beneficial services that the telco will be introducing to their customers who are very digitally savvy.

“A majority of U Mobile’s customers are smartphone users and based on our insights, they are avid users of digital services. Hence, we wanted to give a seamless option for our customers to purchase their desired services even if they do not own a credit or debit card. This new service also makes the payment process extremely seamless as they do not need to worry about having to input extensive details such credit card numbers and contacts.”

Hiroyuki Sato, Chief Executive Officer of DOCOMO Digital said: “We are delighted to partner with U Mobile to expand its carrier billing services and capabilities in Malaysia. Introducing new payment methods like Direct Carrier Billing goes much further than simple technical integrations. By providing full end-to-end services, we helped enable U Mobile customers to become part of the digital economy.”

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  • Sebastian Foo

    Basically I haven’t try to buy anythings from play store… but I have buy a games from play store since celcom recently have a promo is RM5 cash back when you buy things from there, it is equal to free? haha

  • Sebastian Foo

    Basically I haven’t try to buy anythings from play store… unless the apps is free,hahaha

    • Mystique

      Yeah same goes with me. I dont know how to buy using my debit card. Cz im afraid that will over deducted my money than the price of apps. Wewwww.

      • Miranda

        Eh. I heard celcom now have promo that give RM5 rebate to buy anything in google playstore. Why not you try rite? Huhuh

        • zarina zamri

          Wait. They give rebate ? Even we already purchased before dis? Or only for a new purchased users?

        • Cy Yong

          RM5 rebate? come on lah you cannot make bricks without straw! RM5 rebate to you but after that charge you more than RM5. Who knows??

          • Mystique

            My friends using celcom. And already purchased apps and their payment will deducted on his bills.

        • Sebastian Foo

          Ehhhh…really?I’m interest on it. Whr I can get the information?

        • Twinkle Bell

          RM5 rebate?means free? it’s unbelievable. I dont think so.

        • Adeline Miss

          Really??any T&C??n wat pack is it

      • zarina zamri

        Same goes with me. Because i have experience purchased apps using my credit card. Dia overcharged woah. Damn.

        • Mystique

          but my friends using celcom. Didnt get any overcharged. Because the amount still same like your purchased. so dont need to worry. My friends got RM5 rebate from celcom. cz he a new purchaser, Hahahahha

      • Sebastian Foo

        Yeah..it’s rite..I will not using credit card at play store…feel dangerous haha