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U Mobile Hero P78 Postpaid with Unlimited Internet & Voice Calls launched

Mobile Telco, U Mobile launched its latest postpaid plan called Unlimited Hero P78, offering unlimited Internet for smartphone usage and unlimited voice calls.

U Mobile Hero p78
Left: Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer launching the Unlimited Hero P78 Postpaid plan today

Key details of U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 Postpaid Plan below:

  • RM78/month, excluding 6% GST
  • Unlimited Internet usage with speeds up to 5Mbps on smartphone
  • Free 10GB quota Hotspot tethering
  • Unlimited video streaming with Video-Onz (Stream to/from more than 20 partners including Youtube, Facebook Live, iflix, Netflix with speeds up to 1.5Mbps)
  • Free 5GB Roam-Onz data for International Data roaming in 12 countries
  • Each local SMS is charged 3sen to U Mobile and 8sen to other mobile networks
  • No contract postpaid plan

Unlimited Hero P78 plan is designed for usage on smartphone devices. U Mobile said it won’t work on a non-smartphone such as Mifi and USB dongles.

The Unlimited Hero P78 plan comes with Video-Onz, offering free streaming data with more than 20 partners such as Youtube, Facebook Live, iflix, Netflix. With Video-Onz, customers will be limited to Internet speeds up to 1.5Mbps. U Mobile told MalaysianWireless that the Video-Onz service can’t be disabled for the Unlimited Hero P78 plan. Details on Video-Onz here.

As for tethering, a 10GB data quota is given to Unlimited Hero P78 users every month. Once the quota is depleted, customers will experience browsing speeds up to 64Kbps. Currently there are no add on or booster plan for tethering but U Mobile said it is working on it.

All Peer-to-peer (P2P) usage will be limited to 64kbps Internet speed.

No supplementary plans are available with Unlimited Hero P78 at the moment.

U Mobile also introduced Roam-Onz, a new add on which gives selected postpaid customers 5GB (or 8GB) of free monthly high-speed data to roam in 12 selected countries.

Users of P70, P78, i90, Ultimate Device 90, U Premium postpaid plans will enjoy free 5GB data of Roam-Onz every month while users of P98, i130, Ultimate Device 130, U Platinum will enjoy 8GB Roam-Onz.

Once the Roam-Onz quota is exhausted, customers who continue using Internet roaming will automatically trigger subscription of U Data Roam 10, chargeable at RM10 per-day, per-country for unlimited data.

There are no activation required for Roam-Onz but customers must first activate International Roaming service to use Roam-Onz.

U Mobile Roam-Onz list of countries:

No. County Preferred Roaming Operator
1 Australia Telstra
2 Bangladesh Bangalink
3 Cambodia Cellcard
4 Hong Kong HKT
5 India Aircel, Reliance
6 Indonesia Indosat
7 Laos Beeline
8 Philippines Smart
9 Singapore StarHub
10 South Korea SK Telecom, KTF
11 Taiwan Taiwan Mobile
12 Thailand True Move


Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer shared that U Mobile is confident that the plan is the best yet in the market for smartphone users in Malaysia today. “U Mobile is all about coming up with unlimited ideas so that our customers’ passions may be fulfilled. With our latest Unlimited Hero P78, we’ve deliberately kept it really simple. With smartphones becoming more powerful each day, customers are also finding new ways to use their data every day. Hence, we decided to offer our customers continuous high-speed data to do whatever they like, whenever they want.”

She added that the benefits do not end with just data. “Aside from unlimited high-speed data, Unlimited Hero P78 also offers Call-Onz™, which gives our customer unlimited calls to all networks. All the usage freedom, be it data or calls, is available any day, anytime at just RM78 a month. You really cannot beat that!”

Click this link for more details on Unlimited Hero P78 postpaid plan.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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