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Digi offers Freedom to Internet with Music, Video, Gaming, Roaming

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) announced four Freedom to Internet propositions for customers: Music Freedom, Video Freedom, Gaming Freedom and Roaming Freedom.

Prashant Pathmanaban, Digi’s Head of Digital Product & Services, Loh Keh Jiat, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer and Benjamin Tan, Digi’s Head of Postpaid at the launch of ‘Freedom to Internet’

Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Loh Keh Jiat said: “We want to bring a new sense of freedom to our customers. To do this we need to maximize and bring out the full capability of our advanced 4G Plus network to offer the kind of digital services that are in-demand.”

For Music Freedom, as a way of thanking loyal customers for their support, Digi is rewarding all Postpaid and Prepaid customers who have been with the Telco for at least six months, with 5GB music streaming quota monthly for a range of the most popular and widely used streaming services such as Spotify, Joox and Smule. This is an increase from the previous 1GB Music Freedom offer and existing customers will be switched to the new offer.

With Video Freedom, Digi is adding value by bringing premium content to customers beginning with Viu. For RM5 a month, customers can buy 5GB video streaming quota to get access to and watch premium TV series and movies on Viu.

“Viu has a strong customer-base in Malaysia with its variety of local and regional content including many popular South Korean TV dramas that have a huge following here and we are delighted to bring this offer exclusively to Digi customers. Now they can binge watch 48 episodes of South Korean dramas in high definition (HD) every weekend without worry,” Benjamin Tan, Digi’s Head of Postpaid said.

Adding to that, Digi’s Head of Digital Products and Services, Prashant Pathmanaban said: “There are two challenges today facing customers wanting to enjoy premium video streaming – the price of premium services and the cost of internet quota. We are partnering with key video streaming services to overcome those challenges so customers can enjoy their favourite TV series and movies on their mobile devices. At the moment, we are also at a very mature stage of integration with two more premium video streaming services, iflix and Tonton, and expect to launch offers for those services very soon.”

Gaming Freedom gives Postpaid and Prepaid customers an easy way of purchasing in-game items for their favourite Steam and Garena game titles, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and FIFA, without needing payment cards. Gamers today either need a credit or debit card to buy in-game items or look for physical payment options at retailers. With Gaming Freedom, they can simply choose to pay through their Digi accounts.

Apart from the convenience to make in-game purchases, Gaming Freedom also brings customers “money-can’t-buy” experiences including unique and exclusive collectible top-up cards, in-game items as well as access to top gaming events. Available beginning 1 July is a series of new League of Legends themed collectible top-up cards.

“We are working closely with game publishers like Steam and Garena to offer unique in-game items that can’t be found anywhere else. Through Gaming Freedom, we can bring a fun new gaming experience for customers on top of the easy-to-use payment options via their Digi accounts,” Prashant said.

Digi said Roaming Freedom brings value to customers who travel often or the occasional holidaymaker with a worry-free experience when visiting other countries through low internet roaming charges and passes.

Digi Postpaid 110 and Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite customers can now enjoy free 5GB and 60 minutes worth voice calls in 8 countries: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Prepaid customers can enjoy unlimited social messaging from RM5 a day or up to 4GB internet at RM25 for 3 days.

“The first thing most people do when they travel today is they switch off their data roaming. We are saying to customers that they don’t have to do that anymore. With Roaming Freedom, gone are the days when Malaysians need to worry about bill shock while on their holidays or travelling for work. We bring customers the best internet roaming rates to help them keep connected with their loved ones. We want them to enjoy a truly borderless internet experience and not have to change their internet consumption behavior when overseas. Today, Digi is the first in the market to include free roaming quota for frequent travellers on selected plans and very affordable one-time passes for occasional travellers,” Tan said.

“Malaysians are smart and digital-savvy. We are keeping up with their pace and leading the way in delivering innovative digital solutions to suit their lifestyle. In our ambition to transform ourselves into a Digital Service Provider, we are constantly looking for new ways of unlocking more digital services for customers that add value and convenience. We are taking a strong position on freedom for our customers and our Freedom to Internet proposition will bring a new worry-free online experience for them to feel at ease,” Loh added.

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