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Celcom improves Xpax Internet Plans with quota up to 30GB

Xpax unveiled its new Xpax Internet Plans that offers up to 30GB of Internet quota together with free Music Walla and Video Walla.

(From left) Penny Ong, Xpax Product Manager, Azwan Khan Osman Khan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Operations, Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Marketing Officer, and Daren Victor, Head of Brand Management Access

The four new additional Xpax Internet plans are:

  • Daily Plan – RM5 (2GB)
  • Weekly Plan – RM6 (500MB), RM19 (5GB)
  • Monthly Plan – RM79 (15GB base quota, 15GB Video Walla and Unlimited Music Walla )

Other existing Xpax Internet plans include the daily plans at RM3 (1GB) and weekly plans at RM10 (2GB). The monthly Internet Plans at RM30 (5GB) and the RM50 (10GB) now comes with free unlimited Music Walla.

For Xpax users who are 25 years old and below will enjoy 50% more data on monthly Internet plans as part of its campaign called ‘KawKaw Squad’. For example, on the Monthly RM79 plan, a KawKaw Squad user will enjoy 22.5GB of base quota plus free unlimited Music Walla and 15GB streaming quota on Video Walla. Visit the Xpax website for more details on KawKaw Squad.

Video Walla and Music Walla was launched in May 2016. Music Walla offers unlimited data streaming quota from popular music industry providers such as JOOX, Raku, KKBOX, Hungama Music and more than 30 local radio stations. Video Walla offers video streaming quota from popular video content portals such as YouTube, iflix, Netflix, Tonton, Astro GO, dimsum, HeroTalkies, MOX Digital, Metro TV and DailyMotion. Celcom said the list of supported music and video content providers are being added from time to time.

  • Video Walla: Daily (RM1/1GB), Weekly (RM7/10GB), Monthly (RM20/15GB)
  • Music Walla: Weekly (RM1/Unlimited), Monthly (RM3/Unlimited)

In addition, there are 3 new Xpax Monthly Add-ons namely, Late Night Internet (1am-7am) with 15GB Internet quota, Facebook Walla which offers up to 10GB quota for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and WeChat usage, and Video Walla with 15GB streaming quota at RM20.

  • Late Night Internet: 1GB (RM1/Daily), 10GB (RM7/Weekly), 15GB (RM20/monthly)
  • Facebook Walla (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, WeChat): 1GB (RM1/Daily), 10GB (RM7/Weekly), 15GB (RM20/monthly)
  • Basic Internet (up to 64Kbps): Unlimited (RM1/Daily), Unlimited (RM7/Weekly), Unlimited (RM20/monthly)
  • Unlimited Calls (to Celcom mobile numbers): Unlimited (RM1/Daily), Unlimited (RM7/Weekly)

Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Marketing Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad said Xpax Internet plans and Add-ons are the best deals to meet any digital lifestyle of our customers.

“We want our customers to enjoy the best digital Internet experience on Celcom’s Lightning Fast LTE network, without the fear of running out of data quota. Celcom is committed to meet the demands of its prepaid customers who desire more Internet at affordable prices, without any complications. With our Xpax ‘#nokelentong’, what customers see is what they get,” he said.

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  • Perline Hui

    Best seller is RM50… I guess alot of people limit their prepaid top up also… 10GB is so much quota…. and dont need to worry of using music apps? That is just great.

    • nitrogen921

      For me i rather ops for the RM79.. Its abit pricey but i think its worth the price.. 15GB internet including Unlimited music and 15GB for youtube those.. What else could we ask for?

  • xiaoren

    There is a plan for Rm30 also? 5GB. Hmm i think its quite ok also. i basically only use facebook. Because i use this as my secondary phone.

    • Elvis Lee

      but it just get 10gb fb monthly..i think rm30 can get a postpaid plan on others telco with more quota

    • benny goh

      5gb is quite alot if u just use on facebookXD

      • gigel pigel

        ya thats true also , but this plans looks like ok too..is that worth if go for this plan bcz i am not heavy users also since most of the time i will use my hse wifi only ..so i just need data for wen i am at outside ..so if i take this plan means is tht will be ok ??

    • Gelsis Steve

      that is so wasting money of using prepaid, keep changing the plan, i prefer postpaid, limit myself to stick with cheaper plan, postpaid do come with more benefits, free call some more

    • Peter Pang

      do you know, facebook do come with free 10GB once you stay active for xpax number, without subscribe any plan….

  • Jin L

    I prefer basic internet as RM1 is affordable for me as student,and I don’t use data much except for GPS

    • MammyPk

      basic data cant do anything sometime… the speed is slow until you cannot believe… buy some data is not too expensive… like xpax got double up data ma…

      • IronMann

        agreed with your basic data cant help much, but double up also not worth anywhere… although rm7 get 20gb data but it waste my sleeping time to finish the 20gb data…

    • May Lee

      But basic data is capped at a really slow speed….
      Only can use to text in Whatsapp….

      • Jin

        now rm1 per day can buy add on for high speed data ady. coz of promo they giv 2gb for only rm1. i think is worth for those not using so much data everyday, like my sis she only buy additional data when hv to use more data.

        • Fabian

          But I think for the on-going double data promo better buy monthly one….Cause it is cheaper RM20 for 30GB
          Buy everday is a bit more expensive

          • sandy

            30gb per month? for those heavy data users i think quite worth to buy. especially for video walla data. i also use almost 1gb per day to stream video. somemore video walla can use for apps like iflix, neflix and tonton as well to stream drama or video.

  • jen

    i heard the add on got promotion until end of tis month. anyone know wat content is for that promotion. got cheaper price to buy add on or wat?

    • MammyPk

      are you talking about xpax double up data? only until end of this month, if you wish you enjoy the promotion better quickly…

    • IronMann

      Yes, it the double up data but only available from midnight 1am start until 7am… who will surf internet that timing? weird promotion…

    • May Lee

      I think telcos wouldnt lower the price….They will only add more data for us

    • Jin

      they giv double data on add on. last time rm7 can buy 10gb add on, now they give 20gb for the same price. video walla also they double the data for video.

      • jen

        tat means rm7 for 20gb? gd news for me, i wanna buy video walla also, becoz i heard video walla can use for both day time and night time, i think on Christmas holiday i can spend the whole day to stream movie at home,

    • YTL

      They giving the add-on data all double up…INcluding FB walla, video walla, late night…
      This really ends this month….