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Galaxy Note8 from RM115/month for Celcom Postpaid Customers

Celcom Axiata is now offering the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note8 through its EasyPhone with a 24-month instalment programme. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now available from as low as RM115 a month for Celcom FIRST postpaid customers.

Galaxys Note8 from Celcom

(L-R) Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin Chief Marketing Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad, Celcom’s loyal customer Nur Azimah Aziz, Liew Kian Meng Head of IM Business Samsung and Harcharan Singh Head of Device Business Celcom Axiata Berhad

Celcom EasyPhone postpaid plans with Samsung Galaxy Note8:

Gold Plus
Gold Supreme
Platinum Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note8
EasyPhone monthly commitment
Without Device Protection RM155
per month
per month
per month
per month
With Device Protection RM190
per month
per month
per month
per month
Total Monthly Commitment RM155 + RM98 = RM253

RM190 + RM98 = RM288

RM140 + RM128 = RM268

RM175 + RM128 = RM303

RM135 + RM148 = RM283

RM170 + RM148 = RM318

RM115 + RM188 = RM303

RM150 + RM188 = RM338


An upfront payment of RM200 x 3 months applies to postpaid customers who have stayed with Celcom for less than 12-months. The amount will be rebated in their monthly bill. These customers will also need to sign up for the Device Protection plan for an additional RM35/month. Postpaid customers who have been with Celcom for more than 12-months and with a good billing record will be excluded from the upfront payment and the Device Protection will be optional for them. More information on the Celcom website.

In addition to EasyPhone, Celcom postpaid customers can also choose to own the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with 24 months contract (credit card):

  • RM2,178 with FIRST Platinum Plus (100GB Internet) monthly with a commitment of RM188;
  • RM2,558 with FIRST Platinum (60GB Internet) monthly with a commitment of RM148;
  • RM2,708 with FIRST Gold Supreme (50GB Internet) monthly with a commitment of RM128; or
  • RM2,858 with FIRST Gold Plus (40GB Internet) monthly with a commitment of RM98

Celcom recently introduced the EasyPhone programme allowing customers to enjoy the latest 4G LTE smartphones in town at an affordable monthly rate. It also comes with device protection, a comprehensive coverage that protect users from any losses due to accidental damage or theft.

For Xpax consumers, EasyPhone allows consumers to sign up without credit card or any upfront payment at only RM238 per month. They will enjoy a monthly RM30 prepaid credit which is included as part of their total monthly instalment for 24 months.

galaxy note8 specifications

Key Features of the Galaxy Note8 according to Samsung:

  • Water and Dust Resistance: Four years ago, Samsung introduced the first Galaxy device with water resistance. And today, you can take your Note almost anywhere you want with water and dust resistance (IP68) on the device and the S Pen. You can write even when the display is wet.
  • Fast Wireless Charging: Two years ago, Samsung introduced the first Galaxy device with wireless charging. The Galaxy Note8 supports the most advanced wireless charging capabilities yet, so you can get a quick, convenient charge without having to mess around with ports or wires.
  • Security: The Galaxy Note8 offers a choice of biometric authentication options—including iris and fingerprint scanning. SamsungKnox provides defense-grade security at the hardware and software layers and with Secure Folder, keeps your personal and professional data separate.
  • Powerful Performance: With 6GB RAM, a 10nm processor, and expandable memory (up to 256GB), you have the power you need to browse, stream, play games, and multitask.
  • Innovative Mobile Experiences: Samsung DeX enables a desktop experience, powered by your phone. You can keep your files on your device, conduct work on the go, and use Samsung DeX when you need an even bigger screen. The Galaxy Note8 includes Bixby, a smarter way to use your phone; it learns from you, improves over time, and helps you get more done.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 retails at RM3,772.64 from Celcom.

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  • Jamves kid

    Wahhh note 8 finally release.. the spec look good but price look good as well *sigh

    • Jinjang Jib

      dont feel like purchasing note 8, its too expensive! not worth to buy

    • leeny

      heard that the function of note 8 is similar with S8?

      • JaneAusten

        Ehhh not really? So far as I heard, it is better than S8, that’s y ppl who have bought S8 are regretting lol, should have bought Note8 instead since if u can get it with payment as low as RM115 per month with celcom easyphone plan!

      • Jamves kid

        thanks everyone..

      • kuroky

        note 8 is definitely btter performance than S8, it has better resolution and spec.. but some other function like camera sure was S8 winning lah..

    • JaneAusten

      Ya the spec is the best at the current market! No the price might look expensive, but maybe u can choose celcom easyphone plan? It will make the price much more affordable for u!

  • kuroky

    isit worth for signing contract with celcom to purchase this phone? if i made it individually on phone and individually on the celcom plan leh? becoz i scare if i cant use so may data all those will be wasted lor

    • xLeeSinx

      If thats the case dont take under plan. Now there are so many ways to get in under installment. No one is willing just to pay so much up front.

    • Jinjang Jib

      signing contract means you have to pay for 24 months! Cant change phone between this period, what if the phone broke down, still have to continue paying

      • xLeeSinx

        Come on. Most people take postpaid contract also. Whats the different. Same thing. Your phone broke then how? You tell me? Thats why you have to take care of your own phone 1st.

    • leeny

      of course is without contract better la, if not new device is launch you also can’t change the phone
      but my phone also tie with contract since it pay by my dad hahahaha so I don’t care

      • xLeeSinx

        This is kinda still with contract. Just does not have a postpaid plan only. How long till you finish paying off. Its also good to have your own one. At least you have better control over your financial. Because family easy one or two month dont pay. This one i dont think so.

    • kuroky


    • Jamves kid

      ofcoz worth lah.. just split ur payment into24 month and u dont have to lump sum all ur rm3999 leh!!

  • Kathy

    Is this kind of postpaid plan better than directly purchasing from Samsung? What free gift I will be getting haha?

  • Kassie Lim

    Yes price is a bit high but the value should be worth it lah, otherwise nobody would have bought it loh haha, but I think better get the phone with installment plan ba

    • xiaoren

      Installment of coz is much better with the current phone prices. Its too expensive if you have to pay just like that. If you are willing to get the phone you just have to manage your financial only.

  • Marvinkong

    celcom service is worth that price, nice Easyphone plan. more prefer to xpax prepaid instalmant plan. i’m going to register for iphone 7plus next month .

  • Scarlett Berry

    Don’t know what happennnn my area always got no signal, this was the reason make me not interest in any of its plan…btw more prefer to IOS then Android .