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Tune Talk Pay Later: Reload Airtime Now, Pay Later

Tune Talk, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia has released a beta version of an app called Tune Talk Pay Later. The new app allows Tune Talk prepaid subscribers to loan airtime credit from the company to reload their prepaid account.

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With the Tune Talk Pay Later app, users could top-up from as low as RM5 (plus a 20sen fee) as a loan from Tune Talk. Customers who pay back the airtime loan amount (using an actual reload) within a time frame would earn them points. These points will allow customers to unlock a different level (stars) which would give them access to higher amount of airtime loans.

‘Pay Later’, was created by US-based Juvo and fueled by Juvo’s Identity Scoring, a digitized service that provides prepaid users with access to progressive levels of financial services, starting with airtime loans. By using Juvo’s proprietary data science and game mechanics technology, subscribers graduate to higher levels of credit based on top-up and repayment history, account information, and every day interaction. Juvo said its solution will drive higher levels of engagement, increase retention and develop an identity-based relationship between Tune Talk and its customers.

Tune Talk said is using Juvo’s technology to create a robust application that provides a single destination for shopping, notifications, merchandising, credit extensions and account management. The Pay Later application is fueled by Juvo’s proprietary Identity Scoring technology to drive customer engagement, improving customer satisfaction through always-on access and paving the way for greater financial opportunity.

“Greater access to connectivity has increased the appetite for digital services among our prepaid subscribers, and we have worked hard to deliver a differentiated offering that meets their unique needs,” said Stewart Kumar, Head of Product at Tune Talk. “Juvo is in a unique position to help us transform our customer engagement, increase ARPU and support financial inclusion by creating our first lending and shopping applications. Its innovative product suite has laid the foundations for a successful digital subscriber experience with a positive social and business impact.”

Tune Talk has over 1.5 million active mobile subscribers.

“Our work with Juvo is evidence of Tune Talk’s dedication to embracing digital transformation to provide differentiated service offerings to our customers across Malaysia,” said Joseph Lim, CMO, Tune Talk. “With new, competitive SIM deals being developed daily, it is crucial that we give our customers a reason to remain loyal to our network. Our partnership with Juvo allows us to stand out from competitors, and gives our subscribers a one-stop destination to engage with Tune Talk for services, notifications and merchandising.”

The Tune Talk’s Pay Later application is now available on the Google Play store. The app is currently in Beta.

[Source]– Juvo

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