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New Prepaid Registration Guidelines starting 2018 – CFM

A new Guidelines on Registration of Prepaid Public Cellular Services was issued by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) recently. This new prepaid registration guideline will be fully enforced by 1 January 2018.

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According to Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM), the new Guidelines on Registration of Prepaid Public Cellular Services must be followed by all service providers and consumers and is aimed at eradicating the misuse of prepaid public cellular for crime and terrorism that can become a threat to national security.

“Many cases regarding the misuse of prepaid SIM cards had been reported in the news early this year and CFM had also received complaints with similar cases. Through the implementation of this new prepaid mobile service registration guideline, it protects consumer’s data from being misused for criminal purposes as well as providing a better experience to consumers when using prepaid services,” said former CFM Chairman, Megat Ishak.

1. New Guidelines on Registration of Prepaid Public Cellular Services will be fully enforced by 1 January 2018.
2. The new guideline must be followed by all service providers and all consumers regardless of their nationality; Malaysian citizens, foreigners and tourists.
3. Consumers are required to provide the following information during prepaid SIM card registration :

Malaysian Citizens:

  • Full name as per identification document
  • Permanent address as per identification document
  • Mailing address
  • Identification number as per identification document
  • Any other information as may be required by the Commission


  • Full name as per passport
  • Passport number
  • Passport issuing country
  • Company name and address as provided in work permit document (Workers)
  • Student identification document with university address (Students)
  • Mailing address
  • Any other information as may be required by the Commission

Tourist (Visiting Malaysia and stay in Malaysia for less than 3 months):

  • Full name as per passport
  • Hotel or temporary residential address
  • Passport number
  • Passport issuing country
  • Any other information as may be required by the Commission
4. For verifying purpose, consumers are required to provide the following documents during the registration process:

  • Mailing address – Provide original utility bill issued within the last one month for services subscribed at current residential address (water, electricity, cable/satellite TV or broadband bill only).
  • Hotel/ Temporary Residential Address – proof of stay at the said address, including hotel reservation/ booking form.

If the information provided was found false, the service provider will immediately terminate your Prepaid service.

5. Each user can only register 5 SIM cards per service provider (effective from 1 June 2017).
6. Registration must be done by using secure automated platform such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application, Biometrics or MyKad Reader to protect consumer’s information. Service providers are not allowed to do manual registrations. If this happens, users can report to CFM or MCMC.
7. The registration is free of charge. If the consumer was charged for registration, a complaint should be submitted to CFM or MCMC.
8. Consumer can check and verify any SIM cards registered under their identifications with service providers. Service providers shall provide a portal or application for this service without any charges.
9. Currently, consumers don’t have to provide their identification number for reload as the service provider are still in the process of identifying the best method to implement the reload with ID mechanism. However, it will be implement when the system is ready and in place.
10. To register, consumers are required to visit the service provider’s service center, authorized dealer or agent with their original identification documents. Photocopy of identification documents are not allowed.


As a new mandatory requirement by MCMC, effective from 1 June 2017, each customer can only register up to 5 Prepaid SIM cards per service provider. However, this only applies to new prepaid registration starting from June 2017.

MCMC in collaboration with the Telcos recently formed an Industry Task Force for Data Verification, which aims to verify the integrity of prepaid subscriber’s database and to rectify unmatched data from Service Provider’s database.

The verification exercise which began in April and concluded at the end of May revealed, a total of 708,392 numbers were found to be unmatched. The result of the verification were then shared with the respective Service Providers on 5 June 2017 and they were given until 31 December 2017 to take the necessary action.

In 2015, MCMC issued a total of 50 compounds amounting to RM2.29 million to Telecommunications Service Providers for the breaches related to false registration of prepaid SIM cards. In the 1st quarter of 2016, MCMC issued the following compounds:

  • Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd: RM200,000 (4 compounds)
  • Tune Talk Sdn Bhd: RM100,000 (2 compounds)
  • Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd: RM100,000 (2 compounds)
  • XOX Com Sdn Bhd: RM50,000 (1 compound)

In May 2016, MCMC announced that 12 compounds totaling RM600,000.00 were issued again for the same offense. Two compounds were issued to Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd amounting to RM100,000.00, five compounds to DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd amounting to RM250,000.00 and five compounds to Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd amounting to RM250,000.00; in which each compound is worth RM50,000.00.

The regulator is also working on implementing a new requirement where prepaid users will have to verify them self during the purchase of reload/top-up. Once the system is ready and in place, the prepaid must provide partial ID number to reload the mobile phone’s credit via the platform which will be determined later. MCMC said the procedure is aimed to curb the practice of anonymous persons misusing SIM cards through the usage of false ID.

[Download]– FAQ on the new Prepaid Registration Guidelines by MCMC

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