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Free 10GB Instagram with any Xpax Internet Plan, as low as RM3

For a limited time only, consumers who subscribe to any of Xpax Internet Plan will enjoy free 10GB Instagram data from Celcom Axiata. Instagram is a mobile and desktop Internet-based photo-sharing application that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately.

xpax free 10GB instagram

The free quota for Instagram also includes Instagram usages such as Instagram live story which will not be deducted from consumers’ Internet Plan’s quota.

The offer also applies to the lowest Xpax Internet plan of RM3 for 1GB Daily Internet plan which now comes with 10GB Instagram free for 24 hours.

For more quota on Instagram, consumers can choose to subscribe Instagram Walla add-on, through the following passes that suits their usage:

  • Daily at RM1 for 1GB;
  • Weekly at RM7 for 10GB;
  • Monthly at RM20 for 15GB.

Usage of WeChat, WhatsApp and Twitter are also included when consumers purchase the Instagram Walla add-on.

In line with Xpax’s continuous efforts in improving consumer experience, consumers can utilise unused Internet quota from their internet plan subscription via Xpax’s newest feature — Data Rollover, which allows consumers to bring forward their unused data, based on what is left from any of their previous Xpax Internet Plan or add-on subscription. To ensure internet quota gets rolled-over, Xpax consumers need to remain active on their plans via auto-renewal or re-purchase another plan before their existing plan expires.

Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Marketing Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad said Xpax is excited to offer the all-new Instagram Walla add-on for everyone to enjoy the best digital photo sharing experience.

“Our consumers can continue to remain up to date with their friends and family through their latest awesome photos within the digital space, worry-free from their data being depleted.

“As Celcom continues to enrich its consumers’ digital experience, our consumers do not need to look elsewhere for a perfect plan that fits their desire to remain digitally awesome!” he said.

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  • TheOneJack

    The thing that I dislike is that the daily Internet plan (RM3) last until midnight only and directly offline after that even though I bought it on 8pm that night. Should have make it available for 24 hours instead of cutting it off during the midnight. If not free 10GB also cannot use what’s the point?

    • Adison

      T&C applied, every telco have its own process. i believe others telco are the same?

    • Elvis Lee

      they need you stay active only right?just sign for RM30 per month more worth

    • Jason Chen

      Well I guess you just have to plan first before purchasing, because if make it 24 hours for each individual I guess its very hard for them right? Maybe just like Elvis said, buy the Internet plan for one month, then if can’t use finish still can carry forward the data.

    • XctictAzam

      all the way is like this, nothing much to debate. 12 am will auto renew not a fresh thing. if you know how to calculate it , you can have the usage from 8 – 12 .only 4 hours., and you can have 1 day usage to use.

  • SamLow88

    well done, it finally happens. can see the improvement on the data speed increase even more better than my another telco sim.
    wish that the offer could stay til next year and increase more data given.monthly rm 30 always my first choice, cheap and worth to get it

    • Elvis Lee

      yalo, everyday RM1 only, then can get 10gb insta fb ald

    • Stanley Here

      I think the offer is gonna stay for quite a while since it was just launched in Nov and if the reactions from the customers are good who knows they might even make it permanent? Haha. Moreover there are other packages also like the Video Walla for those who prefer to watch Youtube instead, lots of different choices for users.

      • XctictAzam

        watch youtube use wifi la lol….
        small screen, short video steam still acceptable.
        confirm the offer will continue until next year. believe me~ chrismas coming soon , they sure will extend,

        • Tahal khan

          definitely , this is marketing strategy, every business will catch up the chance to promote . is good for us

  • Adison

    haha my wish come truth, just only last month think that will xpax give free on instagram, it really come out this promotion LOL. good and keep it up, the service is improved and it allow data rollover to next month, great!

    • Kai Jun

      Yup, nice one from Xpax, not disappointed staying as their loyal customer.

    • Stanley Here

      Data rollover is very nice bonus for Xpax users, allow those who don’t really use that much data to save quite a bit without worrying that their data would be wasted at the end of the month. With the free 10GB for Insta and FB you are practically getting free 20GB of data every month.

  • XctictAzam

    great promotion, but can you improve your coverage in campong area?
    we having bad service & signal over here,
    not only important your city customers, we are here need your services.
    signal bar only 2,3…. given 10 GB also useless

    • Tahal khan

      signal low bar sometimes could be your hardware problem lol. better go and check. but if really the signal of your area not good, you should send your feedback to them. they work it up .

  • SickJohn

    i just know this ! good offer for the end of year. for those like me using Instagram sure will enjoy this. 10gb is big usage big prize hehe

  • Selina Lim

    For Data Rollover, does that mean if my credit in my account is insufficient for auto renewal next month then my data won’t be carried forward is it? Or is there any gap period for me to renew my internet subscription while keeping my data?

    • Trevor

      There won’t be any allowance period for you to renew your internet plan. So if your current internet subscription expires and you don’t have enough credit for auto-renew, then your data will be lost. Take note yeah.

    • Fedrick

      is good for the data rollover, ahaha but if you suddenly have not enuf credit in your account to auto renew , then it gone LOL
      believe me, 10 gb too less for a month. you have no chance to carry forward. haha

      • Jack Chung

        I don’t think 10GB is too less for a month, somemore it is separated between both Instagram and Facebook, so you are getting 20GB for free every month. So unless you are using your data for other stuff then usually you will have a lot to be carried over.

        • Potatoes

          both got point, haha
          how to fully utilize the usage is depend ppl la.
          i believe those promotion is main for the currently to have enjoy on the year end traveling season, many ppl will plan for trip and may need to use more data during the trip to capture photos.

          • Selina Lim

            Yeah but for me personally 10GB is more than enough. Last time I even have to struggle with 1GB data per month but still managed to survive :p

      • Sohai Kuan

        The main problem lies within the speed of the line provided though. No use giving 10GB or 20GB if your users can’t even use it properly right? Sometimes I just feel very fed up when my line was at 4G suddenly become H+ with no reason, is that how the telco is treating their customers?

        • baby MA

          oh really?, i think you need to check either your phone hardware problem? if you r living in city , shouldn’t have any problem. btw recently that telco M giving out the 10GB auto upgrade , hahaha wondering ppl will happy? speed slow give auto upgrade also no use.

  • Christina

    Why don’t give for Youtube also?

    • Jack Chung

      There’s another package called Video Walla which is especially for people who likes to watch video on Youtube, Netflix etc. Or you can subscribe the RM79 package and get 15GB for Youtube also.

  • IvesLee

    Lolol same packages everywhere, not much different also.

    • baby MA

      service is different , last time i’m also think like what you said.
      then i get another to compare and found that is really big different.
      the signal , the roaming speed .but this 1 depend on area la . can’t 100% guarantee, at least can take it as basic guide.

      • Felda

        really big differnt, i’m using celcom and my friend DG
        we went to gunung nuang yesterday ….haha his DG like shit man…
        but mine still have signal hehe