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Enjoy Borderless Experience with iPhone X from Digi

Apple’s vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap and even a glace. That vision is now a reality.

Say Hello to the Future, Say Hello to the iPhone X, now available from Digi.

The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10), is Apple’s latest and most advanced flagship device to date, featuring a revolutionary new design with a stunning all-screen display. It features a 5.8-inch OLED display, Face ID facial recognition, wireless inductive charging, and a faster A11 Bionic processor.

digi borderless experience

Recently, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) rewarded one lucky customer and his wife on an all-expense paid gastronomic extravaganza of the best fine dining cuisine. Digi presented this experience to John Lau and his wife Hazel Desmond, who were the first customers to purchase a Digi Postpaid plan with the new Apple iPhone X.

digi iphone x

John Lau (right) & Hazel Desmond with their new iPhone X from Digi

“I bought the new Apple iPhone X as an anniversary present for my wife. Imagine winning an all-expenses paid trip across Asia to experience the high life is definitely a very welcome cherry on the cake! I look forward to testing out the new iPhone X’s features during this gourmet dining experience,” John said when Digi visited his home with his prize.

Check out the video below.

The duo was treated to the finest Michelin Star restaurants as well as accommodation at top hotels to experience the best in Asia. Video below.

With Digi Postpaid, the John and Hazel enjoyed better peace-of-mind during their travels with Roam Like Home Monthly from Digi which offers Internet and voice calls for free every month while roaming. Roam Like Home Montly offers free 5GB and 60 minutes worth voice calls previously in 8 countries, now available in 10 countries: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. The free 60 minutes worth of voice calls in 10 countries can be used for calls between Digi to a Malaysian number, Calls between Digi to the respective visiting country’s number and for receiving calls.

The iPhone X is available with Digi Postpaid 78 (RM78/month, 12GB Internet & Unlimited Calls), Digi Postpaid 108 (RM108/month, 18GB Internet & Unlimited Calls) and Digi Postpaid 138 (RM138/month, 24GB Internet & Unlimited Calls).

Enjoy Borderless Experience with Unmatched 4G Plus, Get the best iPhone X plan from Digi now.

Digi Postpaid, One Plan 10 Countries

This article is brought to you by Digi, a mobile connectivity and internet services provider enabling 11.9 million Malaysians to get the most benefit out of an increasingly connected world. Digi is part of global telecommunications provider Telenor Group and is a leader in driving progressive and responsible business practices.

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  • ElijahSchez

    argghhh other than DG, got other offer for iphone X from celcom maybe?? coz im searching for the best postpaid line…

    • Ujangterlajak

      you go and take a look at celcom center for iphone X.. i think the price there are more cheap if u use their postpaid plan…

      • erissa emir

        yeahhh u cn go to celcom blue cube coz im but an iphone via celcom… but im already register for their plan for 2 years ago… so, if u are using celcom postpaid plan for 12 months above, no upfront payment ….

      • Jayden

        the price of the installment plan offer by all telcos is almost the same… so need to see which telco offer better postpaid plan..

        • Loo Kai xiang

          i think search more detail can see the different, like the internet quota, free service. Their service will differ from the telco.

        • Boldkamen

          to me, better use celcom postpaid plan lah… but if u are new to celcom, and want to pay cheaper upfront payment, u can subscribe to first gold plan.. upfront payment only 700 if im not wrong..

          • james hunter

            seriously?? i never know about it! im a celcom users and i think more than 1 years..

          • Audil

            yeah its true. i’m just buy iphone X by using easyphone.. easy no need pay by credit card anymore.. just through the monthly bills..

          • janie wang

            which plan you choose for the Iphone X , need some recommendation for my decision to buy a new phone.

          • Christopher

            The first gold plan is available for Iphone X, but if sign up with First platinum is cheaper than First gold. Then, sign up First platinum is more better, coz got bigger internet quota.

      • Jocye Lam

        Really jer DG angkat phone ka RM3495 tp celcom dr RM 3078!

        • YusofH

          yessss that’s what boldkamen means too.. hahahaa celcom give us the best price eva! i already subscribe one…

    • Micheal

      both line are well at my area…
      dg postapid plan offer less data while celcom postpaid plan offer more data..
      just have to see how much data u use and make a choice..

      • Boldkamen

        agreed! im using celcom first platinum coz of their offer more data rather than other telco and my house dont have wifi mehh hahahaha… if u dont have any wifi connection and using internet for 24/7, u should go for celcom

        • james hunter

          hurmmmm yeah right! Digi are not relevant nowadays.. they used to be a cheapest plan ever but they are tooo in their comfort zone and didnt realize, other telco is always want to be a best

          • Cody Hong

            actually I’m not that convenient to sign with any plan because would loss the freedom of chging to other telco and subscribe to other plan. I face this problem before while Iphone 5 come out and I sign with it. I pay 200+ for limited call and less data while that time maxis one plan for 98 already come out.

        • Feena

          i saw the data service provide from the plan you mention, its really high quota provide for user. Feel like no worry to chase the serial drama that i like.. hahaha

          • Reena WKY

            The good thing i see is can get latest new Iphone and having a good service package from the telco plan. Postpaid plan is good but some people see it is a very expensive payment mathod.

          • Loo Kai xiang

            Ya, in some point. I am with you, as im also a postpaid user, but my friend thought postpaid is expensive and not worth. But for me, i think it is good to use, especially i saw the plan in easyphone package.

          • Feena

            normal thing lah, coz 1 month inst will need to pay 2 hundred something already. Most of the people have high commitment due to loan or credit card, now still want to pay the bill for the telco plan… must feel stress after hear the price.

    • Audil

      celcom got the offer.. much cheaper than DG’s offer.. trust me.. but u need to buy with device protection cause u’re not a celcom users.. if ur family members already using celcom postpaid like gold plus for 1 year above, they can buy an iphone X without pay upfront and low monthly payment.. !!

      • ElijahSchez

        hahahaha after read ur comment, i’m straight to do some survey at their website… so far, quite cheap than other telco and celcom postpaid plan also not bad at all…