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Alliance Bank Malaysia launches new Mobile Banking app allianceonline

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad has launched its first mobile banking application (app) to simplify and enhance customers’ overall banking experience with the bank.

allianceonline alliance bank malaysia mobile banking app

The new secure mobile banking app, called allianceonline, offers customers access to online banking services, including viewing of account balances, transaction flows, and e-deposits placements in a hassle-free manner.

allianceonline smart reminder alliance bank app

One of the features include Smart Reminder, a personalised payment assistant with a reminder feature, ensuring customers do not miss a payment again. Alliance Bank claims this first-of-its kind feature within a mobile banking app in Malaysia that allows customers to track and facilitate their payments in a timely manner for bills, transfers, credit cards, loans, or top-ups.

Another feature, Easy Search, allows customers to make recurring payments easily by searching for past transactions based on account holder’s name, account number and even purpose of payment. The added convenience eliminates the need to remember lengthy payment details when making a payment.

allianceonline-mobile Mobile Secure Approval

Mobile Secure Approval strengthens web and mobile transaction security by turning the customers’ mobile phones into a security token unique to them via push notifications on the app. This ensures that allianceonline web and mobile transactions are completely secure, the bank said.

Joel Kornreich, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank said, “Malaysia is increasingly becoming a mobile-first market. This is evident in the significantly increasing use of mobile internet in Malaysia in the last few years. It is only natural for us to cater to the evolving digital lifestyle of tech-savvy Malaysians with our allianceonline Mobile Banking app.”

“We are already beginning to see payment trends shift from traditional banking to online banking in our customers. With our new mobile banking app, we want to offer them another future-proof banking platform alternative to match their banking needs,” he added.

The allianceonline mobile app can now be downloaded by all existing Alliance Bank customers with a Current Account or Savings Account, with an ATM/Debit card and aged 18 years and above. The app works on Android and iOS devices.

For more information on Alliance Bank, please visit the Alliance Bank Malaysia website.

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