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Malaysia’s Best Wireless Broadband Plans in April 2018

Accessing Internet via wireless broadband providers is something common these day. In Malaysia, generally people tend to use wireless broadband service at home if they are unable to get access to a fixed broadband service like Streamyx, Unifi and TIME dotCom or if they simply couldn’t afford these highly priced fixed broadband plans.

malaysia unifi wireless broadband plans digi postpaid u mobile mb128 celcom home wireless

There are also a number of reason why people opt for a Wireless Broadband plan, these include:

  • Freedom from contract plans (all fixed broadband plans in Malaysia has a minimum contract period of 12-months)
  • Data-only plans (fixed broadband providers generally comes with voice service that some people don’t need)
  • Plug and Play, no installation (the fixed broadband service have to be installed by a third party contractor, extra charges may apply)
  • Some people don’t need Unlimited Broadband, they just use some light Internet browsing, check emails, watch some Facebook/Youtube videos and use messaging apps.

Wireless Broadband plans are generally affordable to access, however not all those plans comes with Unlimited Internet. Below are some of the best value for money mobile and wireless broadband plans (contract and non-contract) you could get in Malaysia, as of April 2018.

Unifi Wireless Broadband

Made available early this month, Unifi Wireless Broadband from Telekom Malaysia cost RM79 a month (excluding GST), comes with 60GB of 4G LTE data and no contract.

To subscribe, customers must purchase the Huawei 4G B618-65d fixed-wireless 4G LTE router. Total payment upon registration- RM599 including GST. At the moment, there is no upfront payment for the SIM card, no activation fee and no deposit for Malaysians.

There’s no contract for this postpaid broadband plan however customers who remain active for the 1st 12 months of the service will enjoy a 3-months loyalty waiver from the 13-month until the 15-month of the subscription period.

The service only works on the Unifi’s 4G LTE network with speeds around 10Mbps.

Unifi Wireless Broadband service can be signed up at the following TMpoint: Quill City Mall, Pandan Indah, Menara TM, Shah Alam, Taman Desa, Kelana Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, Cyberjaya, Skudai, Pontian, Bayan Baru, Butterworth, Kota Bharu, Pending, Sarikei and Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre.

Summary of Unifi Wireless Broadband plan:

  • RM79/month
  • Postpaid plan
  • Total payment upon registration: RM599 with Huawei 4G B618-65d fixed-wireless 4G LTE router
  • No contract

Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite

It’s not marketed as a wireless broadband plan but Digi does not stop you from using it for tethering to your laptop or PC. At RM150/month, Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite comes with Unlimited high speed Internet powered by the Digi 4G LTE network with an average speed of 20Mbps on LTE-Advanced capable devices (Digi 4G Plus). In some areas, users may enjoy download speeds up to 100Mbps, depending on device, network congestion and signal strength.

Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite is currently the best choice for wireless/mobile broadband if you cannot get access to a fixed broadband service.

There’s no contract for this plan however you will have to purchase your own device to use the service. One of the best 4G LTE routers these days is the Huawei 4G B618 (which you can buy from Telekom Malaysia at RM600 without contract and use it with Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite sim). The Huawei 4G B618 could deliver 4G LTE download speeds up to 600Mbps (Digi 4G LTE network will likely support these kind of speeds in the future) and 50Mbps upload including support for carrier aggregation (CA) and even 4 × 4 MIMO antenna technology.

If you are on a tight budget, some of the 4G LTE routers you could consider are:

The Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite plan can only be signed up on the Digi website.

Summary of Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite plan:

  • RM150/month
  • Unlimited High Internet, no quota
  • Unlimited Voice Calls to local networks, supports VoLTE
  • Included 1,000 SMS to all networks
  • SIM-only Postpaid plan
  • No contract

U Mobile MB128 Postpaid Broadband

At RM128/month and just 32GB of total data quota, this is not exactly the best value for money broadband plan out there. However, if you stream a lot of videos and music from popular websites, this is exactly the broadband plan you need.

U Mobile MB128 Postpaid Broadband plan comes with Unlimited quota for Video-Onz, Music-Onz and App-Onz. Basically you don’t have to worry about the Internet streaming quota and use as much as you want for contents like Netflix, iflix, Spotify, Joox, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Youku, unifi TV, Viu, Tonton, Astro Go, dimsum, YuppTV, Lingcod TV, Apple Music, KKBox and a long list of other content providers.

For Video-Oz, do note that video streaming is generally limited to standard definition quality.

MB128’s 32GB Internet quota is divided by 12GB all-day Internet + 20GB off-peak (2am-8am) Internet. Generally, U Mobile’s 4G LTE network could deliver speeds around 5Mbps. You could experience speeds up to 20Mbps in selected areas using the right device with Carrier Aggregation (CA).

This is a sim-only postpaid plan. If you need a device, you could purchase the ZTE MF920W+ Mifi modem at RM99 from U Mobile. There’s no contract however a RM100 activation fee is collected upon registration which will be rebated over 10 months. You could sign up for this plan at U Mobile’s service center or authorised stores.

Summary of U Mobile MB128 Postpaid Broadband plan:

  • RM128/month, postpaid plan
  • RM100 activation fee rebated over 10-months period
  • Total 32GB Internet: 12GB all-day Internet + 20GB off-peak (2am-8am)
  • Unlimited Usage for Video-Onz, Music-Onz and App-Onz
  • Optional RM99 for ZTE MF920W+ Mifi modem
  • No contract

Celcom Home Wireless Broadband

There are 3 plans offered but Celcom said the Home Wireless Gold Plus 50GB is the most popular plan.

At RM106/month, Celcom Home Wireless Gold Plus plan comes with 50GB of base Internet and 100GB for usage on Video Walla and Music Walla.

As part of this plan, Celcom is allocating 100GB of Internet streaming quota for Video Walla and Music Walla which can be used for Netflix, iflix, Youtube, Tonton, Astro Go, dimsum, Joox, Raku and more. Celcom claims that it does not limit or throttle streaming speeds on Video/Music Walla.

In terms of real world Internet speeds, Celcom’s 4G LTE network could deliver between 20Mbps and up to 50Mbps depending on time and location.

To subscribe for Celcom Home Wireless Gold Plus plan, you will have to visit a Blue Cube outlet. A 24-months contract apply. By subscribing to Celcom Home Wireless plans, you will be given a 4G LTE Wireless Router (at the moment its Huawei B618-22d). There’s a 30-days return policy where you can terminate the service and return the modem without any additional chargers or you may keep the modem and pay the RM529 termination fee.

Summary of Celcom Home Wireless Gold Plus 50GB plan:

  • RM106/month
  • 50GB base quota
  • 100GB on Video Walla + Music Walla
  • Included with Huawei B618-22d 4G LTE Router
  • 24-months contract

Disclaimer: Please refer to the respective Internet Service Provider (ISP) for accurate details. This article is for informational purpose only. U Mobile is currently an active advertiser on MalaysianWireless, however this posting is not endorsed by the Telco or any parties.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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