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TIME dotCom 100Mbps Fibre Home Broadband Speedtest Report

Time dotCom Bhd launched Malaysia’s 1st 100Mbps fibre broadband service for consumers back in September 2012. Today, the Internet service provider (ISP) is offering speeds up to 500Mbps and likely to offer 1Gbps in the near future.

time dotcom fibre internet speedtest

How fast is TIME’s fibre broadband service? MalaysianWireless tested TIME Fibre Home Broadband service against servers around the world. Below are the details of the test.

Speedtest environment (real-life performance):

The objective of this speedtest is to measure the actual real life speeds of the TIME 100Mbps Fibre Home Broadband plan, against servers of, located around the world.

  • A laptop with 5Ghz Wifi (maximum 866Mbps)
  • TIME Fibre Home Broadband 100Mbps plan
  • TP-Link Archer C5400 v2 router
  • Speedtest location at Setapak (near Wangsa Maju)
  • Test performed between 19 June (10pm) until 20 June (3.30am)

Note that a number of reasons contribute to the speedtest performance, including Wifi congestion and interference, TIME’s Internet network (congestion and peering), speedtest server’s current load, among others. All speedtest results varies from time to time due to these factors.


1. SpeedTest against TIME dotCom server (Shah Alam, Selangor): Download 100Mbps, Upload 100Mbps, Ping 6ms (

2. SpeedTest against Telekom Malaysia (KL): Download 100Mbps, Upload 99ms, Ping 7ms (

3. SpeedTest against Maxis (KL): Download 99Mbps, Upload 95Mbps, Ping 9ms (

4. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (KL): Download 100Mbps, Upload 99Mbps, Ping 6ms (

5. SpeedTest against Digi (Petaling Jaya, Selangor): Download 100Mbps, Upload 98Mbps, Ping 9ms (

6. SpeedTest against U Mobile (KL): Download 100Mbps, Upload 97Mbps, Ping 6ms (

7. SpeedTest against NTT Arcnet (Cyberjaya): Download 99Mbps, Upload 78Mbps, Ping 6ms (

8. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Penang): Download 100Mbps, Upload 98Mbps, Ping 8ms (

9. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Kuching, Sawawak): Download 99Mbps, Upload 85Mbps, Ping 37ms (

10. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Miri, Sarawak): Download 98Mbps, Upload 73Mbps, Ping 38ms (

11. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Sandakan, Sabah): Download 98Mbps, Upload 76Mbps, Ping 37ms (

12. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah): Download 97Mbps, 80Mbps, Ping 35ms (

13. SpeedTest against Celcom Axiata (Kuantan, Pahang): Download 99Mbps, Upload 98Mbps, Ping 7ms (

United States

  • GorillaServers (Los Angeles, California): Download 44Mbps, Upload 12Mbps, Ping 187ms (
  • Fastmetrics Inc. (San Francisco, California): Download 45Mbps, Upload 12Mbps, Ping 194ms (
  • M5 Hosting (San Francisco, California): Download 54Mbps, Upload 15Mbps, Ping 176ms (
  • Frontier (Palo Alto, California): Download 57Mbps, Upload 13Mbps, Ping 178ms (
  • Comcast (Seattle, Washington): Download 25Mbps, Upload 12Mbps, Ping 202ms (
  • Sprint (New York): Download 29Mbps, Upload 7Mbps, Ping 260ms (
  • Sprint (Chicago, Illinois): Download 39Mbps, Upload 9Mbps, Ping 233ms (
  • Spint (Miami, Florida): Download 28Mbps, Upload 6Mbps, Ping 265ms (
  • AT&T (Jacksonville, Florida): Download 26Mbps, Upload 16Mbps, Ping 255ms (
  • LLC Globalnet (St. Petersburg, Florida): Download 30Mbps, Upload 7Mbps, Ping 252ms (
  • Sprint (Dallas, Texas): Download 39Mbps, Upload 11Mbps, Ping 222ms (
  • Sprint (Austin, Texas): Download 34Mbps, Upload 10Mbps, Ping 215ms (
  • Switch (Las Vegas, Nevada): Download 51Mbps, Upload 14Mbps, Ping 191ms (
  • Sprint (Washington): Download 32Mbps, Upload 8Mbps, Ping 263ms (

Other Global Speedtest Locations:

  • Singapore- Viewqwest : Download 100Mbps, Upload 98Mbps, Ping 13ms (
  • Singapore- Singtel: Download 100Mbps, Upload 97Mbps, Ping 13ms (
  • Indonesia- PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Batam): Download 100Mbps, Upload 98Mbps, Ping 14ms (
  • Indonesia- My Republic Indonesia (Jakarta): Download 99Mbps. Upload 88Mbps, Ping 26ms (
  • Indonesia- Biznet Networks (Jakarta): Download 99Mbps, Upload 95Mbps, Ping 24ms (
  • Thailand- DTAC (Bangkok): Download 98Mbps, Upload 89Mbps, Ping 34ms(
  • Thailand- AIS (Samut Prakarn): Download 97Mbps, Upload 70Mbps, Ping 41ms (
  • Philippines- PLDT (Manila): Download 93Mbps, Upload 67Mbps, Ping 63ms (
  • Philippines- Globe Telecom (Makati): Download 97Mbps, Upload 73Mbps, Ping 46ms (
  • Australia- AARNet (Canberra): Download 70Mbps, Upload 26Mbps, Ping 104ms (
  • Australia- Australian Private Networks (Sydney): Download 79Mbps, Upload 31Mbps, Ping 109ms (
  • Australia- Vocus Communications (Melbourne): Download 80Mbps, Upload 29Mbps, Ping 99ms (
  • Canada- TELUS Mobility (Vancouver): Download 55Mbps, Upload 14Mbps, Ping 186ms (
  • Japan- (Tokyo): Download 93Mbps, Upload 38Mbps, Ping 85ms (
  • South Korea- (Seoul): Download 86Mbps, Upload 28Mbps, Ping 103ms (
  • China- STC (Hong Kong) : Download 86Mbps, Upload 70Mbps, Ping 47ms (
  • China- Beijing Broadband Network (Beijing): Download 67Mbps, Upload 26Mbps, Ping 91ms (
  • China- Beijing Unicom (Beijing): Download 70Mbps, Upload 14Mbps, Ping 92ms (
  • China- Zhejiang Unicom (Hangzhou): Download 70Mbps, Upload 44Mbps, Ping 80ms (
  • United Kingdon- QTS Data Centers (London): Download 51Mbps, Upload 11Mbps, Ping 180ms (
  • Russia- MaximaTelecom (Moscow): Download 36Mbps, Upload 8Mbps, Ping 222ms (
  • Germany- Interoute VDC (Berlin): Download 42Mbps, Upload 12Mbps, Ping 219ms (
  • United Arab Emirates- Etisalat (Dubai): Download 76Mbps, Upload 36Mbps, Ping 106ms (
  • India- Vodafone India (Chennai): Download 88Mbps, Upload 65Mbps, Ping 47ms (
  • South Africa- Afrihost (Johannesburg): Download 25Mbps, Upload 3Mbps, Ping 308ms (
  • Vietnam- Supernet (Hanoi): Download 85Mbps, Upload 33Mbps, Ping 64ms (
Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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