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Telekom Malaysia to upgrade existing Unifi speeds up to 800Mbps

Telekom Malaysia announced today that it plans to upgrade all existing Unifi Home customers to speeds up to 800Mbps.

Existing Unifi subscribers will enjoy the following speed upgrades in stages starting 15 August 2018:

  • 10Mbps to 100Mbps
  • 30Mbps to 300Mbps
  • 50Mbps to 500Mbps
  • 100Mbps to 800Mbps

Telekom Malaysia said new Unifi customers who signed up before 31 December 2018 will also enjoy the speed upgrade in phases beginning 2019.

At the moment, below are the existing Unifi packages offered to new customers:

  • unifi lite plan 10Mbps at RM129/month
  • unifi advance plan 30Mbps at RM179/month (some customers paying RM139/month)
  • unifi pro plan 100Mbps at RM329/month

For SME customers, Telekom Malaysia said more announcement will be made soon.

TM also introduced a new Unifi Basic 30Mbps plan targeted to the B40 segment (household income below RM4500/month). Unifi Basic cost RM79/month and comes with a 60GB quota . Unifi Basic plan is offered to users via two options: Wired or Wireless. Unifi Basic is available exclusively online on the TM website starting 15 August 2018, pre-orders starts from 15 July onwards.

Telekom Malaysia also said the Unlimited Mobile postpaid plan will be available from 15 July 2018 onwards. The plan comes with unlimited calls, SMS, Internet and 10GB hotspot quota, available exclusively to Unifi and Streamyx customers at RM99/month.

For Streamyx users, some 340,000 existing customers (within Unifi coverage) will be encouraged to upgrade to Unifi. Another 350,000 Streamyx customers who are not within Unifi coverage areas are targeted to enjoy double speed upgrade starting 15 August. TM has close to 1 million Streamyx customers at the moment.

Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, unifi said in a media statement, “We are committed to serving all our broadband customers better, including our loyal and patient Streamyx customers who are asking for a faster broadband service. Part of our ongoing broadband improvement initiative is to upgrade more than 340,000 Streamyx customers located in unifi coverage areas to unifi. For Streamyx customers who are currently not in a unifi area, we are committed to continuously invest in the best of both fixed and wireless technologies to bring them high speed broadband. In the meantime, we shall double the Streamyx speed they are subscribing to today. More than 350,000 Streamyx customers are expected to enjoy faster broadband very soon.”

“Though the broadband plans unveiled today are primarily for home customers, we certainly have not forgotten our SME customers. Exciting plans will be announced soon for all our SME customers nationwide,” added Imri.

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