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Digi Customers are now Rewarded based on Spending “Tiers”

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd introduced the all-new MyDigi Rewards offering its customers “exciting deals and experiences” from an expanding list of partners, based on how much customers spend on phone bills and prepaid reloads.

New Digi rewards- MyDigi Rewards
(L-R) Caroline, Digi’s Head of Rewards & Partnerships; Loh Keh Jiat, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer; and How Lih Ren, Digi’s Head of iTelco during the launch of the all-new MyDigi Rewards.

Through the all-new MyDigi Rewards, exclusively available via the MyDigi app, all 11.7 million (2Q18) Digi customers will have access to “thousands of great deals and exclusive rewards offered by more than 500 brands and partners across 7,000 locations nationwide”, covering various categories such as F&B, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Wellness and many more.

Member Tier Digi Points earned
over 6 months (January-June & July-December)
Yellow Up to 299
Gold 300 to 1,499
Platinum 1,500 and above


The app also introduces a new membership tiering system (Yellow, Gold and Platinum), where Digi customers can earn points to unlock and move up the tier, giving them access to redeem more rewards including tier-exclusive deals. For every Ringgit spent on their Postpaid bills or Prepaid reloads, customers will earn 1 Digi Point. These Digi Points will then be accumulated and customers will be upgraded to the next tier upon earning enough points.

Benefit Yellow Gold Platinum
Access to great deals & discounts * * *
Birthday month specials * * *
Tier-exclusive rewards   * *
Early bird access to latest rewards   * *
Exclusive Digi deals     *
Priority queue on Digi Helpline     *
Priority access to selected device deals     *
Exclusive event invites     *


MyDigi App customers will also notice a refreshed look on the MyDigi Rewards section with new features such as Near Me which allows customers to locate nearby outlets where they can redeem their favourite rewards, as well as Reward Sneak Peeks which allow customers a preview of upcoming new rewards. Customers can also continue to gift their favourite rewards to share great deals with friends and loved ones.

Box of Surprise is a new feature made available on the MyDigi app that enables all customers to receive tailor made exclusive offers from Digi. Customers can now expect to receive at least one customised offers in their Box of Surprise at any point in time. Offers within each customer’s Box of Surprise can range from free internet, discounted Internet plans, exclusive short term internet passes and phone bundles customised to their individual’s mobile usage needs & spending patterns. Digi said that customers are encouraged to check their Box of Surprise on the MyDigi App from time to time so as to not miss any of the latest deals.

For more information on the new MyDigi Rewards and Box of Surprise, please visit the Digi website.

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