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Are you HAPPY with Telekom Malaysia Broadband Services?

Dear readers,

We are currently conducting a Facebook Poll regarding TM’s Broadband service.

The question is pretty straightforward:

“Are you happy with the broadband services provided by Telekom Malaysia?”

For users who are happy with the broadband services provided by TM, including fixed or wireless broadband, they should choose Yes. If not, simply choose No. The poll can be accessed on our Facebook page here.

The reason for this poll: We just want to know what Malaysians feel about Telekom Malaysia broadband services. We hope to share the results of this poll with our friends at MCMC and CFM.

At the time of writing this post, the poll results are as follow:

MW Telekom Malaysia Broadband poll

  • 76% (5.8k) voted that they are HAPPY with TM Broadband Service
  • 24% (1.8k) voted that they are NOT HAPPY with TM Broadband Service

If you are reading this, please cast a vote.

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