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Yoodo offers Free Airtime Credit, RM20 for 20GB Internet

As part of the Merdeka celebration, Yoodo is offering a RM20 free airtime credit to all new users. It is also making available 20GB of Internet booster for all its customers at just RM20.

yoodo merdeka 20GB internet rm20 free

Steps to enjoy free 20GB Internet, according to Yoodo:

1. Order & Activate SIM

Order your free SIM through the Yoodo app, and then activate it!
(Pssst! You can sign up for the cheapest plan we’ve got – RM3 for 50 SMS – and still enjoy the free goodies. We know some of you just want to try us out, so why not give it a go?)

2. Check for RM20 credit in your app

Once activated, you’ll see RM20 in your Yoodo wallet. You can use this credit to buy anything you want in the app!
(Of course, we highly recommend getting the 20GB for RM20 booster)

3. Enjoy your 20GB for RM20 booster!

To enjoy 20GB, go to your dashboard, select “Buy More” and then purchase the 20GB for RM20 booster! RM20 credit will be deducted from your wallet. And if you need more data, just buy the booster again.
(Just remember that it will expire before your next plan renewal)

Important notes from Yoodo:

  • If you activate your SIM starting from 14 June 2018 onwards, you are entitled to receive a complimentary free RM20 credit in
    your wallet.
  • If you are a current Yoodo user, you are eligible to buy our 20GB for RM20 booster.
  • You may use your free RM20 credit to buy our 20GB for RM20 booster. Or you could use it to buy other products within
    Yoodo (SMS, Voice, Roaming, etc).
  • Your booster data is valid until your next plan renewal. Any unused data at the end of your plan duration will be forfeited.
  • That means that if you purchased a plan on 14 August 2018, your booster data will be valid until 14 September 2018.
  • If you have used up all of your booster data, you can buy another ‘20GB for RM20’ booster. You can buy the booster as many
    times as you like, as long as the campaign is active.
  • This booster promotion is valid between 1 August – 30 September 2018.
    Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app to enjoy this booster.
  • If you’ve signed up via the Refer 2 Earn program, you will only get the RM20 Referral bonus and not RM20 twice.

Click this link, for more information.

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