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Celcom 4G vs Maxis 4G Speedtest: KL & Selangor -October 2018 Report

MalaysianWireless recently took a drive around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to find out which network has the fastest 4G LTE speeds between Celcom Axiata and Maxis.

As promised, here’s our Celcom 4G vs Maxis 4G Speedtest report, as below.

Celcom 4G LTE vs Maxis 4G LTE Speedtest Results:


(KL & Selangor)

Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping
Maxis 4G Celcom 4G Maxis 4G Celcom 4G Maxis Celcom
1. Capsquare 17.2 27.5 31.2 19.4 19ms 30ms
2. Avenue K 26.7 27.2 4.88 30.1 18ms 21ms
3. Berjaya Times Square (Jalan Imbi) 21.9 56.4 5 19.2 19ms 31ms
4. Berjaya Times Square Hotel (Lorong 1/77a) 47.3 10.5 5.5 6.08 18ms 19ms
5. Eko Cheras Mall (KL) 89.9 8.55 38.4 25 19ms 25ms
6. Setapak (Plaza Prima Setapak) 71.8 31.3 50.3 10.1 31ms 28ms
7. Setapak (Jalan Malawali) 93.8 80 9.29 11.4 26ms 19ms
8. Setapak (Jalan Jernai, Idaman Putra Condo) 29.8 77.1 12.3 45.4 36ms 17ms
9. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa 32.4 21.6 5.94 7.45 25ms 22ms
10. Maju Junction (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) 43.9 1.86 42.7 2.88 19ms 20ms
11. Brickfields 27.5 61 21 25 19ms 22ms
12. Mont Kiara (Almaspuri Condo) 44.9 76.6 15.4 19.6 21ms 23ms
13. Solaris Mont Kiara (Jalan Solaris) 68.5 81.3 11.9 36.4 20ms 23ms
14. Kepong (KTM) 74 64.5 18.9 4.99 38ms 20ms
15. Kepong (jalan 1/39, Taman Petaling Kepong) 18.5 74.2 11.2 15.1 21ms 20ms
16. Midvalley Megamall (Starbucks) 20.8 55.5 28.4 17.2 22ms 31ms
17. Putrajaya Sentral (Park & Ride) 89.5 78.3 8.93 16.7 18ms 17ms
18. Cyberjaya (Petronas Persiaran Apec) 35.7 17.7 6.01 1.4 41ms 31ms
19. Cyberjaya (old MCMC HQ) 20.6 8.75 29.1 8.77 19ms 28ms
20. Cheras Traders Square (Shabu Shabu, Jalan Dataran Cheras 9, Selangor) 4.3 31.8 1.08 5 45ms 27ms
21. Kajang (Restoran Ratha Banana Leaf, Jalan Desa Seroja 2) 116 45.6 31.8 26.1 20ms 27ms
22. Bangi (KTM) 78.5 74.2 4.82 4.47 32ms 37ms
23. Bandar Puteri Puchong (McDonald’s) 127 51.6 19.6 40.3 32ms 30ms
24. Puchong Utama (AEON Big) 43.5 16.4 43.2 1.88 31ms 25ms
25. Subang Jaya (Jalan USJ 11/4a) 108 49.8 21.2 8.12 18ms 31ms
26. Subang Jaya (LRT Taipan) 21.7 33.9 5.92 20.8 29ms 31ms
27. Klang (KTM) 28.7 78.2 5.92 27.2 33ms 21ms
28. Klang (Jalan Bendahara 58) 7.19 3.31 6.49 0.96 34ms 33ms
29. Shah Alam (Stadium) 109 57.3 6.56 22.2 25ms 24ms
30. Shah Alam (I-City, I-Gallery) 79.4 55.8 33.3 37.8 20ms 25ms
31. Petaling Jaya (Giant, Kelana Jaya) 82.8 39.4 23.3 31.9 26ms 28ms
32. Petaling Jaya (Kelana Centre Point) 122 61.9 34.4 36.2 23ms 22ms
33. Petaling Jaya (Jalan SS23/12) 95.9 51.5 31.9 27.9 19ms 24ms
34. Petaling Jaya (The Curve) 21.7 58.6 13.5 29.1 28ms 32ms
35. Petaling Jaya (Tesco Extra, Ara Damansara) 74.6 62.6 10.6 31.6 36ms 27ms
36. Sunway Pyramind Mall (Blue Cube) 34.3 74.6 7.02 40.6 22ms 38ms


Among the 36 location tested, Maxis has the fastest 4G LTE speed recorded at 127Mbps in Bandar Puteri Puchong.The other 4 location with Maxis speeds above 100Mbps include: Kajang, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya.

Maxis 4g lte speedtest bandar puteri puchong

The slowest Maxis 4G LTE speed was recorded at Cheras Traders Square due to poor coverage.

None of the Celcom speedtest result recorded any Internet speeds above 100Mbps. The fastest Celcom 4G LTE speed was recorded at 81.3Mbps in Solaris Mont Kiara. The slowest speed was recorded at Maju Juntion due to poor Celcom 4G LTE coverage at city center.

These speedtest were performed during peak hours.

Maxis 4G LTE speedtest outperformed Celcom in 22 location of the areas tested. In one location (Bandar Puteri Puchong), Maxis 4G LTE was faster than Celcom 4G LTE by 75Mbps.

In terms of upload speeds, Maxis 4G LTE is the fastest at 50.3Mbps recorded near Plaza Prima Setapak condo. Celcom came in close at 45.4Mbps, also in Setapak.

Celcom has poor 4G LTE coverage in the following areas that we tested (2 bar or less): AEON Big Puchong Utama, Cheras Traders Square, Giant Kelana Jaya, Jalan Bendahara (Klang), Jalan USJ 11/4a (Subang Jaya), KTM Bangi, Petronas Persiaran Apec (Cyberjaya) and prime area such as Stadium Shah Alam.

Areas with poor Maxis 4G LTE coverage include: Cheras Traders Square, Jalan Bendahara (Klang), KTM Bangi and Petronas Persiaran Apec (Cyberjaya).

In conclusion, based on our test, the Maxis 4G LTE network outperformed Celcom 4G LTE in terms of Speed and Coverage. We hope Celcom Axiata will improve its network nationwide as we plan to conduct a similar speedtest comparison early next year.

Details of the Speedtest:

  • These speedtest are performed to measure real-life speeds. Only peak Internet speeds were recorded.
  • All speedtest are performed outdoor, inside a stationary vehicle.
  • The test samples were collected on 17/18/19/22/23/24/26 October 2018, between 9am until 6pm.
  • A Maxis Hotlink Sim and Celcom Xpax Sim were used, with subscription to high speed mobile Internet plans.
  • Two Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphones were used. These device are capable of LTE-A (5CA) Cat18 1.2Gbps Download /200Mbps Upload speeds. The unit were provided by Samsung Electronics Malaysia. Sync is turned off on both smartphone to limit apps from using Internet in the background. Both Galaxy Note9 are also updated to the latest software version, October 2018 security patch.
  • All test are performed against the TIME dotCom server (Shah Alam) in the Speedtest Android app (latest Premium version).
  • In all speedtest, battery percentage of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 were above 80%.
  • For some of the speedtest, the test were repeated 3 times in cases where the result was below 25Mbps. The speedtest with the fastest result among the 3 are selected for comparison in the table above. We also test against the respective Telco Speedtest servers, Maxis to Maxis and Celcom to Celcom to ensure that the speeds are similar or close to the results we obtained against the TIME dotCom server. Only results against the TIME dotCom server are used in the table above.
  • Download the Speedtest samples here: Maxis 4G LTE Speedtest Results and Celcom 4G LTE Speedtest Results. All screenshots were taken at the speedtest locations.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is currently one of the most powerful smartphone out there with all day battery live. Get up to 1TB storage space with microSD card, S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity, up to 1.2Gbps 4G LTE speeds, 6.4-inch screen and more.

Note: This comparison is for informational purpose only, speedtest results varies from time to time.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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