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Fortinet: Five Safety Tips while Shopping on your Smartphone

Fortinet, a cybersecurity solutions company, reminds Malaysian consumers to be more vigilant when shopping online this Christmas and New Year holiday season.

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Malaysians are increasingly relying on their smart mobile devices and tablets to conduct online transactions from e-banking and e-payments to e-hailing and a myriad of mobile shopping apps. According to Mastercard’s 2017 Mobile Shopping Survey, consumers in the Philippines (53.5 percent) and Malaysia (55.6 percent) topped the region with the highest year-on-year growth in mobile shopping. India (75.8 percent) was the region’s top mobile shoppers, while China remained a close second at 71.4 percent, followed by Thailand at 65 percent.

David Maciejak, Director of Security Research, Fortinet offers online holiday shoppers Five Safety Tips to keep their mobile device/smartphone secure while shopping online:

  • Create strong passwords and change them regularly – Often in the process of getting to information on mobile devices, there would be multiple prompts for passwords. Refrain from asking the devices to remember passwords. Create complex passwords instead of easily guessed ones such as “1234” or birthdays. Use different passwords for different programs, and take advantage of additional authentication methods.
  • Store important data separately – Regularly back up and save data from mobile devices to removable media, and keep them in a different and secure location. When transportation is necessary, carry external storage media with other valuables such as wallet and keys, which you will naturally protect.
  • Encrypt files – By encrypting files, unauthorized people and hackers cannot view data on the devices. For laptops, consider options for full disk encryption, which prevents a thief from even starting a laptop without a passphrase. When using encryption, it is important to remember passwords and passphrases; if one forgets or loses them, data may be lost.
  • Install and maintain antivirus software – Install antivirus software across all mobile devices, and keep virus definitions up to date. If the antivirus software does not include anti-spyware software, consider installing separate software to protect against that threat.
  • Install and maintain a firewall – It is crucial to restrict traffic coming into and leaving any Internet device. A firewall will help filter out which apps on the devices are allowed to interact with the Internet, and which are not.
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