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Yoodo announce Roam Like Home Plus, eSIM support & Flexi Booster

At its “community day” gathering last weekend, Yoodo thanked their subscribers for their “tremendous support and engagement over the past year”.


Yoodo is a sub-brand of Malaysia mobile operator, Celcom Axiata.

At the “community event”, Yoodo announced the following:

  • Yoodo Roam Like Home Plus. The plan is unique whereby it allows users to utilise their local plan when they are travelling out of Malaysia for either RM10 or RM20 for 24 hours, depending on the country they are roaming to. Roam Like Home and Roam Like Home Plus now covers 53 countries.
  • Online Banking will be available for Yoodo by the end of December 2018. This is in addition to the current payment channels of credit or debit card and PayPal.
  • Based on feedback from the online community, Yoodo plans to implement data sharing in 2019. Users will be able to decide the amount data that is to be shared with others.
  • Another feature Yoodo plans to implement next year is the Flexi Booster. With this feature, if a user purchases a Internet booster closer to their expiry date, the booster becomes a lot cheaper.

The company said that its RM20 for 20GB Internet plan has now been extended until end of the year. There are also plans to offer eSIM early next year.

Speaking at the “community event”, Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo shared, “These days, customers are rewriting the rules of customer engagement, demanding to be heard and wanting to be involved with the brand. For example, we launched our Roam Like Home Plus plan to an additional 41 countries after crowdsourcing our customers to test the roaming feature for us. Our customers were more than willing to provide us with valuable feedback when they travelled during the beta test period. This greatly helped us to fine tune the product feature. We have also brought back or continued promotions due to popular demand such as our initially planned one off RM20 for 20GB plan which has now been extended until end of the year.”

Yoodo’s online community was formed when it was launched January this year. In comparison to other telcos, Yoodo believes they have the most thriving online community achieving close to 200,000 users visiting the platform and receiving 2 million community post views. However, it did not disclose the number of its active mobile subscribers.

“The idea behind the online community is to encourage and allow customers to share their experiences of Yoodo and provide support to other customers. It is a place where they can share their feedback, thoughts and tips on the service. When we first started out, the Yoodo team worked tirelessly to respond to most of the inquiries coming in. But now, when a customer posts a question to the community, they will most likely receive a reply in less than half an hour from another customer, not a Yoodo representative,” shared Jeff, Yoodo’s Community Guy, who is responsible for regulating the online platform.

Jeff added that there are incentives for Yoodoers to be more engaging and active in the community. Every month, the brand offers rewards in terms of credit and exclusive Yoodo merchandises such as umbrella, shirts, car stickers and others for top engagement.

As part of the Yoodo’s Community Day, subscribers were treated to games, prizes from a lucky draw, exclusive announcements on what is in store for next year and lastly, a movie.

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