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TIME dotCom capable of supporting 5G networks, gets MEF 3.0 certified

TIME dotCom (TIME) announced that it is the first and only Telecommunication (Telco) company in Malaysia and the second service provider in the world to achieve the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certification.

TIME dotcom Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certification

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is a global authoritative standard organization in the communication industry.

Companies certified under MEF 3.0 are held to more stringent quality and configuration standards, such as lower acceptable margins for packet loss and latency. Thus, TIME is now recognised as one of the nine companies worldwide that are certified as being compliant with these standards.

With 5G and 4G Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) technology on the rise, many mobile telcos are beginning the transition to these new standards. Under MEF 3.0, TIME’s network is verified as being capable of supporting 5G and 4G LTE-A connectivity, particularly for mobile backhaul networks where fibre cables connect the core network of a telco to the subnetworks on the fringe.

“We are very proud to be among the first in the world to receive this certification and become part of the MEF 3.0 ecosystem, which acknowledges TIME’s efforts to keep abreast of technological innovation and deliver dynamic products and services,” said Ang Thing Jiun, Chief Technology Officer at TIME dotCom.

“Our customers can rest assured that they are receiving scalable, stable Ethernet services that are compatible with a global standard and that will support them through the evolution of network technology in the future,” he said.

Founded in 2001, MEF is an authoritative certification entity for Metro Ethernet in the industry, which is committed to solving the technical problems of Metro Ethernet. Established on the basis of the previous operator’s Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0), MEF 3.0 is the latest specifications and certification plan, featuring flexibility and continuous increments. It not only provides services equipped with flexibility and universality similar to the Internet, but also has the performance and security of carrier-class Ethernet.

Utilizing the cloud-based platform for virtualization testing, MEF3.0 certification plan’s certification system includes network automation, virtualization, interoperation, and other certifications for LSO, SDN, NFV and the operator’s Ethernet 2.0.

MEF members includes over 210 companies around the word such as Telstra, AT&T, Verizon, British Telecom and Telekom Malaysia.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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