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Malaysia has the best consistent Mobile Network Quality in Southeast Asia – Tutela

A recent report from mobile quality measurement company, Tutela revealed that Malaysia has the best consistent mobile network quality in Southeast Asia.

Using 85 billion mobile network measurements collected between December 1, 2018 and January 9, 2019, the report covered major mobile operators in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. The report is based on 6 million download test, 6.4 million upload test, 125 million latency test, 125 million jitter test and 125 million packet loss test.

Malaysia- Mobile Network Consistent Quality (according to Tutela):

In Malaysia, three of the four operators score above 90% for basic consistent quality, with Maxis just taking first place ahead of DiGi and U Mobile. Celcom, which has the fastest average download speed of any individual operator, was in last place — showing that there’s more to a good network than just fast average download speeds.

Tutela Malaysia Mobile Consistent Network

For excellent quality, the picture is reversed — Maxis is still in the lead, with 68.9%, but Celcom is in second place at 61.6%. DiGi falls to third, with 57.5%, while U Mobile is in a distant last place. U Mobile’s last-place finish for excellent quality is unsurprising, given the average download speed is just 4.3 Mbps — that is barely above the excellent quality threshold, and means that a large number of results will fall below 4.3 Mbps.

Malaysia- Mobile Network Download Speed on 3G and 4G (according to Tutela)


Within Malaysia, Celcom had the fastest network, with average download speeds of nearly 15 Mbps. Maxis was in a close second place, and its average download speed of 13.3 Mbps is nearly indistinguishable from that of Celcom.


There’s more of a drop from second to third place, as DiGi’s subscribers experienced an average download speed of 9.6 Mbps. U Mobile was in last place with an average of just 4.3 Mbps, much closer to Tutela’s threshold of the minimum download speed necessary for an excellent connection.

Tutela said it measures network quality based on the real-world performance of users in the field. “Results in this report are based on a testing configuration to represent typical (not maximum) performance of users. We used a 2 MB file to perform our download testing and a 1 MB file to perform our upload testing. Tutela employs software installed on more than 3,000 partner apps to complete frequent, lightweight tests of around 2 MB.”

Download the full report below.

[Download PDF]– Southeast Asia: State of Mobile Networks Report, February 2019 (Tutela)

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