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U Mobile Presents Four 5G Use Cases at the 5G Malaysia Showcase

The arrival of 5G technology and high speed connectivity will change the lives of everyday Malaysians according to U Mobile. The Telco will be presenting four anticipated 5G use cases at the 5G Malaysia Showcase happening from 20 – 21 April 2019 at Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya. These use cases will show how 5G technology will benefit Malaysians in the near future and showcase how U Mobile may facilitate to make that happen.

At the 5G Malaysia Showcase, U Mobile will demonstrate four use cases which are as follows:

1) Tele-surgery (main use case)

u mobile 5g Malaysia Telesurgery

  • 5G technology will enable large imaging files like MRIs to be quickly transmitted to doctors, which can improve both access to care and quality of care.
  • So even if the doctor is not physically with the patient, he or she can still aid in the diagnosis and treatment process.
  • Patients in remote or underserved areas will also be able to receive quality healthcare without having to travel the distance for it.

2) Multi 4K Streaming

u mobile 5g Malaysia multi 4k streaming

  • 5G technology can boost the Gbps data per user, making it possible to multi stream 4K videos, all at the same time.
  • User will be able to enjoy clearer, more defined pictures for an enhanced entertainment experience.

3) Ultra Low Latency Gaming

u mobile 5g Malaysia Gaming

  • 5G technology provides up to 10-20Gbps transmission rate with very low delay, which means that it is possible for VR game scenes to be rendered in the cloud and transmitted to a player’s terminal devices through the network
  • Cloud rendering will enable the player’s gaming terminal to provide hi-res and high quality images that improves overall gameplay and comfort
  • User will be able to enjoy clearer, more defined pictures for an enhanced entertainment experience.

4) HD CCTV Surveillance

u mobile 5g Malaysia CCTV

  • 5G technology means greater speed, lower latency and increased reliability – all factors which will benefit the security arena.
  • 5G will be able to support higher frame rates, HD video and wide dynamic range.
  • It will also enable images to be captured in very low light conditions, enhancing security surveillance greatly.


Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile, shared that participating in the 5G Malaysia Showcase is just the beginning for the telco. “U Mobile is investing in our infrastructure to power 5G technology. In fact, we have embarked on Proof of Concept (POC) projects in two verticals. In Education, we are speaking with universities to provide fixed wireless access to all their students. In Healthcare, we are collaborating with healthcare institutions to make teleconsultation a reality for their patients. So not only will 5G technology enable faster download speeds, lower latency and massive connectivity, it will drive other business verticals which will immensely improve the daily lives of Malaysians.”

Beyond the POC projects, U Mobile also recently signed collaborations with partners to kickstart its journey on the road to 5G. With Razer, U Mobile will conduct eSports-related 5G testbeds and trials that will bring gaming to the next level. With ZTE, the telco is pursuing various 5G developments, including the implementation of Massive MIMO in parts of Kuala Lumpur. On the healthcare front, U Mobile and Sun Life Malaysia will explore 5G trials on digital health use cases.

Visit the U Mobile Zone, located at Dewan Melati 3 of Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya, to experience these four future 5G experiences.

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