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OpenSignal: Malaysia Mobile Internet Speed Slower than Vietnam & Myanmar

Opensignal, a company that measures real world mobile network experience, has released its latest ‘State of Mobile Network Experience’ (May 2019) global report analysing mobile network Internet speeds around the world including Malaysia.

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For this report Opensignal collected and analysed over 139 billion measurements taken from over 43,614,234 devices around the world using the Opensignal App (Android & iOS) during a four-month period (1 January to 31 March 2019).

Based on the report, Malaysia Mobile Internet (3G+4G) Statistic are as below:

  • Average Download Speed: 11.5Mbps
  • Average Upload Speed: 4.6Mbps
  • Latency: 51.4ms
  • 4G Availability: 79.6%
  • Video Experience: 51.9 (out of 100)

In Asia Pacific, Malaysia’s Average download speed is:

  • Faster than: Philippines (7Mbps), Indonesia (6.9Mbps), India (6.8Mbps), Pakistan (6.2Mbps), Thailand (5.7Mbps), Bangladesh (5.7Mbps), Cambodia (5.6Mbps)
  • Slower than: countries such as Vietnam (14.1Mbps), Myanmar (16Mbps), Hong Kong (16.7Mbps), Taiwan (26.6Mbps), New Zealand (27.3Mbps), Japan (33Mbps), Australia (37.4Mbps), Singapore (39.3Mbps) and top of the list, South Korea (52.4Mbps).

Malaysia Key Findings according to Opensignal:

  • Malaysia is ranked 56th out of 87 countries in terms of download speed with an average speed of 11.5 Mbps. This is a 1.3 Mbps improvement from the 10.2 Mbps average the last time Opensignal reported on this metric in September 2018. Globally the fastest country was South Korea where users experience an average mobile download speed of 52.4Mbps. In ASEAN Singapore was the fastest with 39.3 Mbps, while Cambodian mobile users experienced just 5.6Mbps. South Korea was the only country to score over 50 Mbps in Download Speed Experience, with the majority of countries scoring in the 10-20 Mbps range.
  • In terms of 4G availability Malaysian mobile users are reasonably well served with 79.6% availability, ranking the country 42nd out of the 87 countries measured. South Korea once again came top with mobile users connected to 4G 97.5% of the time. Only four European countries made the 4G Availability top 10 — the fewest of any of our award metrics. But both the U.S. and India made the top 10, despite being distinctly mid-table in all other key metrics.
  • When it comes to latency – an important attribute for real-time communications or playing online games, Malaysian mobile users experienced an average latency of 51.4ms (miliseconds). Globally Singapore was top on this measure with an average latency of 30.2ms. Only 13 of the 87 countries rated by Opensignal managed Latency Experience scores under 40 milliseconds, while none scored under 30ms. Europe dominated the Latency Experience analysis, with six countries in our top 10.
  • Upload speed has historically not been as important for users as download speed, but this is changing as more and more users create and upload their own content. Malaysian mobile users had an average upload speed of 4.6Mbps. This compares to Denmark (the fastest) where users recorded average upload speeds of 15.3Mbps.
  • When it comes to ‘Video Experience’ – a measurement created by Opensignal to reflect the growing consumption and importance of online video – Malaysia scored 51.9 points out of 100. This put the country in the ‘Fair’ category. This was an improvement of over 5 points from the last time Opensignal reported on this metric in September 2018. Of the top 25 countries who achieved Very Good ratings in Video Experience, only six were from outside Europe. No country has yet achieved an Excellent Video Experience rating. Norway – the top ranked country scored 74.7, just below the Excellent ranking which is awarded for scores of 75 or higher.

[PDF]– OpenSignal: State of Mobile Network Experience (May 2019)

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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