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U Mobile 5G Live Trial to be powered by backhaul solution from TIME dotCom

U Mobile Sdn Bhd , a 4G LTE Telco in Malaysia, and leading Telecommunications provider, TIME dotCom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as part of U Mobile’s Road To 5G strategy.

U Mobile 5G backhaul Time dotCom
(L-R): Tan Hoon San, Cheif Corporate Officer of U Mobile, Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile, Lee Guan Hong, Executive Director of TIME dotCom and Ang Thing Jiun, Chief Technology Officer of TIME dotCom at the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing.

The collaboration will see U Mobile leveraging TIME dotCom’s high speed and low latency backhaul solution for its 5G live trials. U Mobile is committed to to accelerate 5G technology in Malaysia. In March, the Telco said it plans to “Live Test” 5G in Kuala Lumpur (KL) city area with ZTE Corporation.

“U Mobile is committed to bring the benefits of 5G technology to Malaysians. Hence, we are conducting 5G trials in various verticals from education to healthcare to gaming to ensure that the right 5G architecture is in place for the technology’s capabilities to be fully maximised when commercial roll out happens. We are delighted to be able to leverage TIME’s high speed and low latency backhaul solution for our 5G live trials,” said Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile.

Heang Tuck added that TIME dotCom is the first telco provider in Malaysia and the second service provider in the world to achieve the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certification. “As such, we believe TIME will be in best position to provide the appropriate mobile backhaul solution for our 5G live trials.”

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is a global authoritative standard organization in the communication industry. Companies certified under MEF 3.0 are held to more stringent quality and configuration standards, such as lower acceptable margins for packet loss and latency. Thus, TIME is recognised as one of the few companies worldwide that are certified as being compliant with these standards.

With 5G and 4G Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) technology on the rise, many mobile telcos are beginning the transition to these new standards. Under MEF 3.0, TIME’s network is verified as being capable of supporting 5G and 4G LTE-A connectivity, particularly for mobile backhaul networks where fibre cables connect the core network of a telco to the subnetworks on the fringe.

“TIME has always believed in keeping abreast of technological innovation. As a result, we’re able to provide services compatible with global standards that can support the evolution of network technology like 5G,” said Lee Guan Hong, Executive Director of TIME.

The MOU signing ceremony between U Mobile and TIME took place on 9 May 2019 at U Mobile’s Corporate HQ. The MOU was signed by Wong Heang Tuck, U Mobile’s CEO and Lee Guan Hong, Executive Director of TIME.

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