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5 Best Value for Money Postpaid Plans in June 2019

There’s so many postpaid plans out there (and Telcos/MVNOs) and sometimes, its so confusing and difficult to pick the right one. Some people pick a postpaid plan based on brand preference, some may just want the cheapest one.

best value for money postpaid plan

Which postpaid plan is the best? Which gives you more Internet? Which has the best mobile coverage?

This article is about the 5 Best Value for Money Postpaid Plans available in June 2019 (in random order).

Celcom Xpax XP50

celcom xpax xp50 postpaid plan

The Xpax X50 postpaid plan has been available since April 2018. At first the plan was only made available to Youths, those below the age of 25 years old. But Celcom Axiata has since opened up the registration of Xpax XP50 plan to everyone.

The postpaid plan is really simple, it cost RM50/month, comes with: 10GB Internet and Unlimited Calls to all local networks. There’s no contract which means users could cancel or port out anytime.

While the XP50 is not necessary the cheapest postpaid plan out there with huge mobile Internet quota, Celcom Axiata has one of the best mobile coverage in Malaysia. They support and combine multiple frequencies on 4G LTE so you need a really good smartphone such as the Huawei Mate 20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to get the best mobile experience (some phones don’t support certain technology and frequencies of 4G LTE).

The Xpax XP50 plan can be signed up on the Celcom website.

U Mobile GX50

The GX50 postpaid plan from U Mobile is your best option if you want unlimited Internet on your smartphone at really cheap price.

umobile gx50 postpaid plan

U Mobile GX50 Postpaid Plan:

  • Unlimited Internet at a maximum speed of 5Mbps
  • Unlimited Calls to all local networks
  • 5GB data for Hotspot/Tethering to your other Internet devices
  • No contract

U Mobile is still working on expanding its mobile coverage across Malaysia and it has been the most aggressive network expansion we have seen so far among all the Telcos. If you live in a city of Malaysia, U Mobile should be able to give you a decent mobile coverage and unlimited 5Mbps Internet speeds (including unlimited video streaming) on the GX50 postpaid plan.

Users who port in to GX50 via the U Mobile website will only be charged a monthly fee of just RM40/month for the 1st 12-months.

Digi 38 New

The Digi 38 New postpaid plan is not available to everyone and Digi doesn’t really promote this plan. If you are a Digi Prepaid user and have been using the prepaid plan for over 6-months, this is available to you and it is a good choice to upgrade to a postpaid plan (if you are loyal to Digi).

Digi 38 New cost RM38/month and comes with:

  • 6GB all day Internet
  • Free 3GB Weekend Internet
  • Unlimited Calls to all local networks

There’s no contract however a one-month advance payment (RM38) is applicable.

Depending on area, you may not necessary get the best mobile experience from Digi. With over 11 million mobile subscribers as of March 2019, Digi has one of the most congested mobile network in the country and don’t exactly spend more than Maxis or Celcom every year on network upgrades. But with the right device and location, the experience should be acceptable if you want unlimited calls, average mobile coverage and Internet speeds for light usage such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and light web browsing.

To sign up, you need to visit a dedicated link on the Digi website (screenshot). Contact Digi for more information.

Hotlink Postpaid Flex Plus

Maxis postpaid plans aren’t usually cheap but the Hotlink Postpaid Flex Plus postpaid plan is worth considering.

At a monthly commitment fee of RM60, users get 10GB of mobile Internet quota, unlimited calls to all local networks and unlimited SMS.

Similar to Celcom, Maxis has one of the best mobile network in the country in terms of speed and coverage so you can be assured to get the best mobile experience across the country.

Users can sign up for Hotlink Postpaid Flex Plus on the Maxis website.

redONE Amazing68M


At RM68/month, the redONE Amazing68M postpaid plan comes with Unlimited Calls (redCALL) to all local networks, 15GB of high speed Internet and 10GB free video sreaming (redVIDEO) 4G LTE quota every month for 12-months.

The best part about this is that redONE uses the Celcom 4G LTE network which means that you should be able to experience very fast Internet speeds and good mobile coverage with the right device.

The free 10GB video streaming quota can be used on 16 video streaming sites including Youtube, iflix, AstroGo, dimsum, Netflix and more.

Amazing68M is only available to users who port in their mobile numbers from Maxis, Digi, U Mobile, Unifi Mobile, YTL YES. A 6-months contract applies.

For data roaming, redONE is charging RM28/day for unlimited Internet usage in the following countries: Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Nepal.

Users can sign up for the Amazing68M postpaid plan at any redONE Branch Office or redONE Partner Shops. A RM10 registration fee applies.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purpose only.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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