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Celcom 5G Network being tested in PJ, up to 6Gbps Download Speeds

Celcom Axiata has deployed a live 5G trial network surrounding Petaling Jaya (Selangor) with the objective to test and observe the use cases and behavior of 5G coverage within real-life environments.

celcom 5g test network trial PJ
(from left) Gerard Lim, Chief Digital Officer of MCMC, Dato’ Mohd Ali Hanafiah, Chief Corporate Officer of MCMC, Al-Ishsal Ishak, Chairman of MCMC, Idham Nawawi, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad, Malini Ramalingam, Head of Digital Innovation of MCMC and Yap Chee Sun, Chief Network Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad posing for a group photo during the launch of Celcom’s 5G Live Cluster Field Trial.

The Telco’s initial 5G speedtest of the network resulted with user download speeds close to 6Gbps, with further optimisation expected during the live field trials.


The six-month Celcom 5G field trial will be conducted at @celcom and within the surrounding areas of Petaling Jaya Sentral including areas such as Seksyen 14, Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) Tower, and Taman Jaya LRT Station. These 5G macro sites have coverage of approximately 1.22 square kilometre wide, reaching about 450 households, 130 shop lots, offices, shopping areas, outdoor spaces with an estimated population of over 4,600 in the vicinity.


Celcom’s 5G Live Cluster Field Trial will explore 5G application models and use cases, demonstrating the ability of 5G to support Smart city applications and to explore new vertical industries such as transportation, agriculture, education, security and many more. As 5G is expected to deliver an all-rounded connectivity to consumers and businesses with a differentiated experience, co-existence of both 4G and 5G NSA (Non Standalone Architecture), a fundamental component to the development of a robust 5G infrastructure. The field trial will also provide areas for good indoor coverage with the use of 5G Outdoor Fixed Wireless Access or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

The Celcom 5G trial is a state of the art network that features Massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO 64T64R), using C-band (3.5Ghz) and milimetreWave (mmWave) technology (28Ghz), enabling an ultra-fast 5G experience with Gigabyte throughput and lower latency of 10miliseconds(ms).

During the launch today, Celcom demonstrated the following 5G use cases:

I. Celcom 5G Speed Test & Latency Test
– Close to 6Gbps over the air using, 5G Test User Equipment.
– Latency achieving about 10ms with 5G smartphones (Oppo Reno 5G).
– 5G Enables real time gaming and high resolution video playback at home and on the go

II. Celcom 5G-to-5G Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) call & 5G-to-4G VoLTE Call:
– Crystal clear voice call between 5G devices.
– Clear voice calls between 5G devices to 4G devices
– 5G provides ultra-low call set up times between mobile devices.
– 5G allows call set up time of almost 2 seconds for complete connected calls
– 5G provides Ultra-High Definition(UHD) of voice quality between callers

III. Celcom 5G Surveillance Showcase:
– Create a surveillance capacity from multiple cameras and maintain UHD (Ultra-high-definition) video quality.
– Security cameras connected via 5G which provides high speed and ultra-high definition video allowing detailed video surveillance.

IV. Celcom 5G Home Experience:
– Streaming of high-quality (4K) immersive video experiences & GameCloud gaming content to audiences at home.
– 5G provides ultra-reliable low latency and high speed which will allow multiple 4K video streaming channels to be transmitted and distributed to a screen at residential homes and also support gaming requirements at the same time.

Celcom’s 5G Live Cluster Field Trial is conducted in collaboration with its technology partner, Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Idham Nawawi, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad said Celcom is excited and committed to continue being the leading industry player towards the development and evolution of 5G network with the latest technologies, bringing innovation that inspires Malaysians.

“An in-depth study on 5G’s characteristics is crucial to ensure a smooth roll out in the near future and we believe that Malaysia’s first 5G live cluster field trial at @celcom is an ideal platform to test 5G end-to-end.

Our Celcom network experts together with multiple technology partners, will be testing and familiarising with 5G’s user experience, use cases, network configurations, customer lifecycle management, network optimisation and commercialisation, which will eventually lead to the evolution of existing services, processes, products and business models. Celcom will continue to stand alongside the nation in transforming its aspirations into reality, and we are very confident that this 5G trial will allow us to understand and eventually deliver a world-class 5G network to every Malaysian and realise a truly digital Malaysia,” he said.

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