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Mobile Service Disruption at 60 Locations Nationwide – MCMC

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that up to 60 locations nationwide will experience mobile service disruption. The announcement was made on last Friday.


Up to 60 location nationwide part of its Universal Service Provision (USP) project (Time 3 Extension Phase 2 Project) will/may experience service disruption.

The Universal Service Provision (USP) programme is an effort by the MCMC and the Malaysian Government to improve basic telephony and Internet services throughout the country, especially in rural areas. As of March 2019, a total of 1,778 new Telco towers have been constructed and 5,229 existing towers have been upgraded to 4G LTE as part of the project.

On the 60 location affected, MCMC said that it “is in the process of undertaking regulatory action towards the former universal service provider for this project and is taking all the necessary steps to resolve this situation as expediently as it can, with a new telecommunications service provider.”

No further details were provided and it did not provide any timeline to restore mobile service for the affected mobile subscribers.

“The Commission regrets any inconvenience caused and appreciates the co-operation and understanding of the affected subscribers. Updates of the situation are available at or via phone at 1 800 188 030.”

33 locations below will experience mobile service disruption:

1 Kedah Baling Kampung Ayer Kepal
2 Kedah Pendang Kampung Bukit Jagung
3 Kedah Sik Kampung Bukit Tunku
4 Kedah Sik Kampung Kuala Beris
5 Kedah Sik Kampung Landai
6 Kelantan Gua Musang Batu 7 (Batu 13)
7 Kelantan Gua Musang Chua Rubber Plantation
8 Kelantan Gua Musang Felda Chiku 1
9 Kelantan Kuala Krai Jalan Utama Dabong – Kuala Krai 2
10 Kelantan Kecil Lojing (Liziz Plantation) Jalan Utama Gua

Musang – Jeli

11 Kelantan Gua Musang Kampung Batu 2
12 Kelantan Machang Kampung Cherang Hangus
13 Kelantan Machang Kampung Kemahang
14 Kelantan Machang Kampung Kuala Merabang
15 Kelantan Kuala Krai Kampung Slow Pak Long
16 Kelantan Kecil Lojing Pos Blau
17 Kelantan Gua Musang RPT Sungai Terah
18 Perak Kerian Jalan Gula
19 Perak Larut & Matang Jalan Jelai – Redang Panjang
20 Perak Larut & Matang Jalan Kamunting Selama
21 Perak Larut & Matang Kampung Pondok Tanjung
22 Perak Kerian Kampung Teluk Seribu
23 Perak Kuala Kangsar Kampung Ulu Piol
24 Sabah Beaufort Kampung Biah Batu 65
25 Sabah Keningau Jalan Keningau – Sook
26 Sabah Keningau Kampung Maatol
27 Sabah Keningau Kampung Tuawon
28 Sabah Keningau Kampung Dumbun
29 Sabah Keningau Sinua Pekan Pensiangan/Kampung


30 Sabah Tambunan Kampung Tondulu Ragkam
31 Sabah Tongod Imbak Canyon
32 Sabah Tongod Ladang Melaka
33 Sabah Tongod Maxland Bridge


27 locations below may experience mobile service disruption:

1 Kelantan Kuala Krai Rahmat Dhuha
2 Kelantan Pasir Putih Kampung Alor Batu Selising
3 Kelantan Bachok Kampung Beoh
4 Kelantan Pasir Putih Kampung Seligi
5 Kelantan Machang Kampung Wek
6 Kelantan Pasir Mas Kampung Laka
7 Kelantan Pasir Mas Kampung Kelar Dalam
8 Perak Machang Kampung Cheh Hulu
9 Kedah Kubang Pasu Akademi Binaan Malaysia Sintok
10 Kedah Baling Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim
11 Kedah Kulim Jalan Kampung Sungai Batu Felda Gunung Bongsu
12 Kedah Sik Kampung Charuk Tenang
13 Kedah Padang Terap Kampung Dalam Sungai Karkap
14 Kedah Padang Terap Kampung Keda Kubang Palas
15 Kedah Baling Kampung Kejai
16 Kedah Kubang Pasu Kampung Kota Mengkuang
17 Kedah Baling Kampung Kuala Merah
18 Kedah Pokok Sena Kampung Kubang Larik
19 Kedah Sik Kampung Kubang Lintah
20 Kedah Pendang Kampung Paya Serdang
21 Kedah Padang Terap Kampung Pinang Padang Terap
22 Kedah Padang Terap Kampung Pong Utara
23 Kedah Pendang Kampung Sungai Mas
24 Kedah Kuala Muda Kampung Sungai Putan
25 Kedah Padang Terap Kampung Tanah Merah
26 Kedah Kubang Pasu Kampung Wang Perah
27 Kedah Kulim Ladang Bagan Sena


[PDF]– MCMC USP Service Disruption Announcement

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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