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Only RM8 per month for a Postpaid Plan??

What can you get for RM8 these days? Even a simple lunch would easily cost about RM15 per meal. While we are struggling to save every penny of our hard-earned money by cutting off entertainment and additional spending, we can’t avoid from spending on our mobile plan. Using a prepaid plan is not cheap either. One can easily spend RM30 to top up their credit and data every month. What if we told you that there’s a cheaper alternative and most affordable postpaid plan at only RM8/month?

redone postpaid BM

Introducing redONE Postpaid Amazing plans! From as low as RM8/month, redONE focuses on what the customer wants and needs. Paying a hefty price for a mobile plan with huge data and unlimited calls that you do not fully utilised every month is a terrible mistake to your monthly budget. As redONE’s tagline, Back to Basics – life is complicated enough, redONE make it easier and wants you to only pay for what you use, making you a smart spender.

redONE users get to enjoy the widest 4G LTE network, covering up to 98% of the population. This means even in deep jungle, you will still get the best coverage and clear voice calls. Not only that, redONE also accepts blacklisted users. While other telco might reject your postpaid application and banned you from using their line, you can always turn to redONE for a new fresh start!


Amazing8 Amazing28 Amazing48+
RM8/month RM28/month RM48/month
  • Unlimited free calls among redONE postpaid users
  • RM0.15/min to all other networks
  • RM0.05/SMS to redONE users
  • RM0.10/SMS to other networks
  • Optional Data Add-on of up to 5GB
  • Unlimited free calls among redONE postpaid users
  • RM0.15/min to all other networks
  • RM0.05/SMS to redONE users
  • RM0.10/SMS to other networks
  • Unlimited free calls among redONE postpaid users
  • 200mins free call to all networks
  • RM0.15/min to all other networks (once all free call mins are fully utilised)
  • RM0.05/SMS to redONE users
  • RM0.10/SMS to other networks
T&C apply. 6-months contract period applies



If you think the postpaid plans are too basic and you want to spice things up, you can always add on redONE Value-Added Services (VAS). There are three VAS that you can add-on to your redONE Postpaid plan:

  • redVIDEO: Can’t get enough of data to stream online videos? Subscribe to redVIDEO at only RM10/month to watch your favourite online videos on 16 popular channels such as iflix, Neflix, YouTube, Viu, dimsum and many more!
  • redCALL: Get unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia at only RM10/month!
  • redSMS: Subscribe at only RM10/month to get UNLIMITED SMS to redONE Postpaid & 100 SMS to all networks.

Wait no more! You can sign up for redONE Postpaid Amazing Plans at any redONE Branch Office & redONE Partner Shops (excluding Elepoint Solution).

For more details and how to sign up visit this link.


redone postpaid singapore data wihtout borders

Ever fuss over switching your SIM cards back and forth while crossing the border? If you work or travel frequently to Singapore, this could be your everyday scenario. Annoyed? Solve your pet peeve by subscribing to redONE Singapore Postpaid plan where you get to enjoy the best deal with just ONE SIM CARD from as low as S$8/month!

When you subscribe, you will get unlimited calls among redONE Singapore Postpaid users and 3GB 4G LTE data to use interchangeably between Singapore & Malaysia because redONE Singapore is offering data without borders. This means, you get to use One Data Plan in Two Countries! Visit the redONE SG website for more information on how to sign up now.

This article is brought to you by redONE Network.
redONE was established in 2012 as the first postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia and currently has over a million active users. Its philosophy and services are designed to deliver what truly matters in the most simple and practical manner.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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