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Samsung Smartphone Users in Malaysia gets Faster Download Speeds compared to Huawei & Apple

Samsung smartphone users in Malaysia are reported to experience faster Internet download speeds compared to Huawei and Apple users. The latest report from Opensignal details the impact that smartphones choices have on mobile network experience collecting and analysing over 117 billion measurements from over 23,352,908 devices using the OpenSignal App worldwide during a three-month period (1 April to 30 June 2019).

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Key findings of Opensignal’s report include:


  • Across 40 countries, Samsung users experienced faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei users in 35% of countries (including Malaysia). Apple users were faster in 17.5% countries, and in the remaining 48% two or more of the brands tied in a statistical dead heat. While none of the countries saw Huawei users experience the fastest download speeds, Huawei was joint first in 17.5% of countries. Malaysian Samsung users experienced download speeds 1.3Mbps faster than Huawei users, and 3.3Mbps faster than Apple iPhone users.
  • Opensignal categorised each brand’s users into three groups (high, mid and low tier) based on their device’s LTE Category (which is an industry standard reflecting the model’s network capabilities). Samsung devices had the fastest download speeds in the high-tier category. Some of the high tier models include: Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Note 8, Note 9; Huawei P20 Pro, P30 Pro, Mate 10, 20; iPhone Xs. In the mid-tier Apple users had the best download speed performance, while Huawei users experienced the best performance in the low-tier category. Some of the mid tier models: Samsung M40, A80, A6s; Huawei P30 Lite, Enjoy 9e, Y6; iPhone XR, X, 8, 7, 6s.
  • Across 73 countries, the average download speeds experienced by users with high-tier ‘gigabit capable’ smartphones (LTE Category 16 or above) ranged from 70.4 Mbps in South Korea to Iraq’s 6.6 Mbps. Malaysian users scored 19.9Mbps download speeds in this category, placing the country 55th of the 73 countries measured, ahead of the Philippines (63rd) and Indonesia (65th), but behind Singapore (3rd), Thailand (41st), Myanmar (45th) and Vietnam (49th). This category is important because in effect high-tier smartphone users are a leading indicator of what level of mobile network experience is currently possible in a country and indicates the direction for the overall future mobile network experience for the population of a country.
  • Opensignal also analysed the Download Speed Experience of mid-and low-tier smartphones users, compared with those of high-tier users, and found tremendous differences, which varied greatly across countries. In Malaysia high-tier users experienced 19.9Mbps download speeds, mid-tier users 13.8Mbps and low-tier users 12.3Mbps – a difference of 1.6 between low and high tier speeds.

[PDF]– OpenSignal Report: How the Smartphone Affects Mobile Network Experience

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