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Maximum RM69/month for Streamyx, new Unifi Air Wireless Broadband

Following calls by the Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo to resolve issues faced by Streamyx customers, especially on the lack of high-speed Internet connectivity as well as the high cost of their monthly subscription plan, Telekom Malaysia (TM) announced that existing Streamyx customers who reside outside of its HSBB fibre and 4G LTE coverage areas will be upgraded to a new unifi Lite plan (fixed fibre) at a discounted price RM69/month with speeds up to 8Mbps, from their September 2019 bill onwards. The discounted pricing also applies to existing unifi Lite customers.


The new unifi Lite plan will be available for sign up to new customers starting 1 September 2019 with speeds up to 8Mbps at RM89/month.

TM also unveiled a new unifi Air wireless broadband service for existing Streamyx customers. Unifi Air is powered by a quick and easy plug-and-play wireless modem that is able to connect up to 64 devices with an average speed of 20Mbps, and will be available to over 35,000 Streamyx homes across 28 Unifi 4G LTE (TDD) areas nationwide.

There are 872,000 Streamyx customers at the end of March 2019.

The new Unifi Air wireless broadband plan for Streamyx users cost RM79/month with unlimited quota, comes with a free fixed wireless 4G LTE modem and 24-months contract.

TM claims it has completed its internet upgrade programme in April 2019 with 973,000 unifi customers upgraded to 10 times the existing speed; 266,000 Streamyx customers in unifi coverage areas upgraded to unifi and 226,000 Streamyx customers in non-unifi coverage areas upgraded to 2 times existing speed where technology permits. TM claims to be committed on addressing the copper network challenges via various technologies such as fixed fibre, wireless and GigaWire in a network rollout which will involve a phased customer migration starting today until 2021. It is expected that 70% of these customers will be able to enjoy unifi services by end 2020.

In addition to the new broadband services, TM also announced its new and first all-in-one app; myunifi, which aims to provide customers a “hassle-free experience and peace of mind” in managing their unifi account. The app comes with features like 24-hour installation, 24-hour live chat support, zero no show assurance and more convenient payment options.

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