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U Mobile to conduct 5G Healthcare Live Trials in Malaysia Hospitals

U Mobile, a 4G Telco in Malaysia, and Centre for Biomedical Technology Integration (CBMTI), a research and development-based company set up by University of Malaya (UM), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct 5G healthcare live trials in Malaysia Hospitals. The trials will take place starting from the fourth quarter (4Q) of 2019.

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L-R: Eric Liew, Head of Regulatory of U Mobile; Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile; Prof Dr Vickneswaran Mathaneswaran, Director of CBMTI; Yuwaraj Kumar Balakrishnan, COO of CBMTI

In media statement, the companies said the partnership will see U Mobile powering CBMTI’s medical communication device called MEDCOM during the 5G live trials. MEDCOM will enable long distance management of trauma cases for general surgeons, anesthetists and specialised medical staff as it has the ability to transmit live videos and other clinical data, as well as archive and retrieve the received information for remote supervision and consultation. With the application of MEDCOM powered by U Mobile’s 5G network, patients in remote or underserved areas will soon have access to quality healthcare without having to travel the distance for it.

In April 2019, during the 5G Malaysia Showcase hosted by MCMC, U Mobile and the MEDCOM team demonstrated to the Malaysia Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on how they were able to aid in the diagnosis and treatment process while the doctor is not physically with the patient.

Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile, shared that these healthcare live trials are crucial components of the telco’s Road to 5G strategy. “U Mobile is committed to bring the benefits of 5G technology to Malaysians and healthcare is one of the areas that we are conducting live trials in order to reap the full benefits of 5G technology when commercial roll out takes place. We are delighted to be able to power CBMTI’s MEDCOM during their live trials and receive key learnings so that we can ensure impactful commercial roll out.”

Established in May 2011 as a start-up that was set up by University Malaya, CBMTI is located in IPS and UMRC. The centre’s first project was the creation of customised implants for the replacement of skull removed during surgery (for trauma and tumour) and reconstruction of facial defects.

Currently, CBMTI projects includes customised titanium implants, maxillofacial reconstruction, spine bio model, frame bio model, bio model slotter, maxillofacial model and MEDCOM OR (a medical communication system in Operating Rooms). With a multi-disciplinary team, CBMTI has exploited 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Big Data Analytics technology to its utmost potential.

Director of CBMTI, Prof Dr Vickneswaran Mathaneswaran, echoed Heang Tuck’s sentiments. “We are happy to collaborate with U Mobile in these 5G live trials featuring MEDCOM. U Mobile’s connectivity is essential in making these trials a success as it will enable healthcare experts to send and receive medical data and large files, making remote consultation a reality, getting us closer to our goal of making quality healthcare accessible to all Malaysians.”

The MOU signing ceremony between U Mobile and CBMTI took place on 26 August 2019 at U Mobile’s Corporate HQ. The MOU was signed by Wong Heang Tuck, U Mobile’s CEO, and Prof Dr Vickneswaran Mathaneswaran, Director of CBMTI.

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