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U Mobile transform SpaceRubix Community Space into vibrant Art Murals

U Mobile, Malaysia’s 4G Telco, together with Impact Malaysia, an agency under the purview of Ministry of Youth & Sports for youth development and social innovation, has unveiled its first vast, floor-wide art mural initiative.

U Mobile Unlimited Moves Spacerubix

L-R: Eric Liew Sze Yarn, Senior General Manager, Regulatory of U Mobile, Ahmed Faris Amir, Chief Executive Officer of Impact Malaysia, Minister of Youth and Sports, Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile, Alex Tan, Chief Sales Officer of U Mobile and Adrian Yap, Founder of Freeform.

The completion of this vibrant art mural inspired initiative at the outdoor basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw courts at Spacerubix Puchong, signifies the kick off of U Mobile’s Unlimited Moves campaign with Impact Malaysia. The entire process, from planning to execution, took about 4 months to complete. Apart from injecting street art to the courts at Spacerubix, U Mobile will also be providing connectivity as part of its overall efforts to enhance the youth-community building experience.


The new look of the outdoor basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw courts at Spacerubix Puchong

The Unlimited Moves campaign will see U Mobile transform various youth-centric community spaces across Malaysia into vibrant art murals. U Mobile will also equip these spaces with connectivity to further benefit youths and the communities surrounding these spaces. Over the next 12 months, U Mobile is targeting to transform at least 2 more youth-centric community spaces.

During the launch, U Mobile’s CEO, Wong Heang Tuck, highlighted the telco’s dedication to youth passion, community building and collaboration. “U Mobile’s Unlimited Moves Campaign is all about us providing access and tools for youths to realise their unlimited potential either in sports or in community building efforts. We are delighted that we are given the opportunity to partner with Impact Malaysia with the support of Ministry of Youth & Sports for this campaign.”

He hopes the newly minted sports courts art canvases at Spacerubix will bring about even more youth-community building efforts. “After the artistic touch from U Mobile, the courts become even more conducive as it can be used for multiple purposes, including weekend markets and music concerts. As a Malaysian company, we are truly glad to be able to do our part to support Malaysian youth talent and communities.”

Impact Malaysia’s CEO, Ahmed Faris Amir expressed his delight on U Mobile’s interest in youth community building through the Unlimited Moves project, and commended U Mobile’s effort to provide connectivity in Spacerubix, in addition to aesthetics. “Impact Malaysia is looking forward to seeing more youths gather at our newly revamped courts to play sports, share ideas and passion, together,” said Ahmed Faris.

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