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ViewQwest 100Mbps from RM128/month, available via TM’s HSBB Network

ViewQwest (Malaysia) is now offering its high speed broadband network via the national High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) network. HSBB is managed exclusively by another Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telekom Malaysia (TM).

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Starting with a 100Mbps plan called called ViewQwest Freedom 100, the service will be rolled out in stages – beginning in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, with expansion to other cities and areas planned across 2019/20.

ViewQwest Freedom 100 – will come with a free Static IP address and proprietary ViewQwest services, including latency-based routing and the promise to not engage or enforce a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). ViewQwest said it remains committed in its conviction that there is no need for any form of network shaping, bandwidth caps, or strict data traffic management policies that restrict user activities at any time. Combined with Static IP, users will be able to experience consistently stable and seamless broadband connectivity while watching movies on Netflix of YouTube or when they are playing an esports match.

ViewQwest Freedom 100 (100Mbps) plan:

  • Download speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 50Mbps
  • Free Static (fixed) IP address (worth RM200/month)

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ViewQwest Freedom 100 (100Mbps) with 24-month contract:

  • Asus AC1200G+ for Homes less than 1000ft2: RM138/month
  • ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack) Mesh Wifi for Homes up to 3600ft2: RM158/month

ViewQwest Freedom 100 (100Mbps) with 36-month contract:

  • Asus AC1200G+ for Homes less than 1000ft2: RM128/month
  • ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack) Mesh Wifi for Homes up to 3600ft2: RM148/month

For customers with homes smaller than 1,000ft², there is the ASUS RT-AC1200G+, a Wi-Fi router designed to seamlessly stream rich content like 4K videos and enriched content. As for users who demand true seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, they can consider the more advanced ASUS Lyra Trio Dual-Band Mesh. The mesh comes in a pair by default to ensure there are no Wi-Fi dead zones. This concept will seamlessly deliver an intuitive fibre broadband user experience. Both ASUS network platforms are top-the-line devices currently only offered by ViewQwest in its bundled HSBB plans.

According to ViewQwest, all plans will come with three months of free usage via a limited-time introductory offer. Depending on contract, the free 3 months will start on the 25th, 26th, & 27th month or 37th, 38th, 39th months.

To subscribe, visit the ViewQwest website.

“As broadband capacity demands continue to rise in this age of high-definition video streaming and gaming, ViewQwest is committed to offering new options to Malaysian consumers who are keen to test new possibilities beyond the familiar. In partnering with the national HSBB network, we want to reach more Malaysians who have been demanding better broadband experiences and introduce ViewQwest’s #BetterBroadband concept. With ViewQwest’s high-speed broadband services, consumers can get the very best in connectivity speeds, performance reliability, and user experience – and at competitive pricing! That is our brand promise to all Malaysians,” said Vignesa Moorthy, the Group Chief Executive Officer for ViewQwest Group.

“At ViewQwest, we are firm in our belief that reliable, truly unlimited, high-quality high-speed broadband should be a basic expectation for consumers. We talk about how fast the world of technology can move, so it should also be reasonable for broadband providers to discard the old and slow way of doing things. Our potential shouldn’t be throttled by the bottleneck of slow broadband speeds and usage limits. As providers, we should be exploring how much more we can offer to improve customer experiences. As such, we have set aside the marketplace norms of Fair Usage Policy and bandwidth management controls. Instead, we see better value in further investment into next-gen broadband systems and capabilities that will optimise our network’s performance and ensure Malaysians can truly experience our #BetterBroadband promise,” Vignesa added.

The initial 100Mbps plan will eventually be joined by ViewQwest’s 300, 500, and 800Mbps offerings, the ISP said. These faster bandwidths will roll out in stages within the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru and onwards across the entire HSBB coverage area.

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