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Opensignal says Malaysia Improved in Mobile Video Experience

Opensignal, the independent global standard for measuring real world mobile network experience, has released its latest, ‘State of Mobile Video Experience’ report, analysing the consumer experience when viewing video content on their mobile devices.


The company claims that its video experience metric measures exactly what consumers are experiencing when they watch videos. Built on an International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-based approach, Opensignal’s methodology takes picture quality, video loading time and stall rate into account to create a score on a scale of 0-100, reflecting users’ perceived mobile video quality. Opensignal said it tests mobile video streaming at scale and does not estimate video experience based on speed tests or other indirect measurements.

For the State of Mobile Video Experience report, Opensignal collected and analysed over 94 billion measurements, taken from over 37 million devices using the Opensignal mobile apps, during a three-month period (Aug 2019 to Oct 2019).

Key findings of Opensignal’s State of Mobile Video Experience report include:

  • Malaysia has increased its score by 7.3 points to reach 54.4, which just short of the 55 point barrier when the country ranking would be upgraded to Good Quality.
  • Malaysia also improved its overall position in terms of video experience and now ranks 11th in the region.
  • In relation to other ASEAN countries that were analyzed, four ranked higher than Malaysia. Singapore scored 74.00 putting them in the (Very Good) category. Myanmar scored 62.70 (Good) placing them 8th on the Asia Pacific list. Vietnam scored 61.40 (Good) and Laos 60.50 (Good).
  • This year, Malaysia managed to beat Thailand by 4.1 points. Meanwhile, four ASEAN countries scored below Malaysia. These include Indonesia 51.30 (Fair), Thailand 50.30 (Fair), Cambodia 44.10 (Fair), Philippines 42.70 (Fair).
  • The highest-ranked non-European country is Singapore, which falls into the Very Good category. Singapore was the top-ranked country in Asia for mobile Video Experience, with a score of 74 up from 67 a year ago.
  • Singapore is routinely top-ranked for other measures of mobile network experience, but our Singaporean users rank lower on their mobile video experience than in other areas, perhaps as a knock-on effect of rising operator competition in the last year and resulting price pressures for Singapore’s established operators.
  • It’s not all good news for mobile users around the world. A sizable 28% of countries ranked just Fair for mobile Video Experience — including large markets like Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, and even the U.S. — while in 9% of countries our users suffered a Poor mobile Video Experience
  • Globally, the best country in which to stream video content via a mobile device was Norway, which scored 78.50 (Excellent), topping the Czech Republic compared to the previous report. South Korean users’ experience ranked first for download speed yet 21st for video. This contrast indicates the difference between measures of raw speed and video streaming and that the arrival of 5G is not a panacea that will solve mobile video challenges overnight despite 5G’s adoption by millions of Koreans, although over time new 5G spectrum capacity should help.
  • Meanwhile, six European countries did particularly well moving them into the Excellent Video Experience category this year: Norway, the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands. Also, five European countries are less than 1 point away from reaching Excellent Video Experience, including Slovakia, Sweden, and Finland, which were ranked just Good in 2018.

“We measure the full end-user viewing experience, from loading and stalling rate through to picture quality, to provide the most accurate view of what it’s like for typical users to watch video on a mobile device,” said Brendan Gill, CEO of Opensignal.

“In 2020, we expect that 5G users will be able to experience a consistent HD video stream more often and in more locations than in 2019. However, this is dependent on the availability of this critical mid-band spectrum. In parts of south-east Asia, the U.S. and South America availability of this spectrum is limited in the short term. While carriers will launch 5G, we do not expect to see the same immediate boost to wireless capacity,” Gill stated.

Opensignal believes that transparency brings a greater industry focus on network quality and better mobile connectivity, providing insights that can help consumers, regulators and operators answer the question: how good or bad is the video viewing experience.

[Download PDF]– Opensignal State of Mobile Video Experience Report

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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