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U Mobile Customers can now Purchase in-flight AirAsia Wifi

U Mobile prepaid and postpaid customers can now purchase for in-flight AirAsia WiFi to browse the Internet and use the social apps on their smartphone.


AirAsia WiFi is an on-board WiFi service that offers in-flight entertainment, Internet services, and an e-commerce platform. Using a smartphone or a tablet (laptop not supported), users can use the service to watch movies, play games, read a magazine or grab some in-flight shopping deals, and more on a dedicated AirAsia Wi-Fi website.


At the moment, U Mobile customers can pay for the following Internet plans for light Internet usage:

  • 10MB (Recommended for Chat Apps): MYR 9
  • 20MB (Recommended for Social Media): MYR 18

The fees will be deducted from the prepaid credit or billed to their postpaid account.

Users who exceed the Wifi quota plan will be disconnected from the Internet. They can re-purchase a new AirAsia WiFi plan to continue surfing the Internet.

To purchase for AirAsia Wi-Fi while on Ground (before take off), U Mobile customers need to:

  1. Launch the MyUMobile App and tap on Air Asia WiFi (Rokki).
  2. Select one of the AirAsia WiFi Internet Plans.
  3. Key in their account details.
  4. Verify their account.
  5. Purchase complete. Users will receive an AirAsia Wi-Fi access code via email. Follow the instructions.

Alternatively, U Mobile customers can purchase the Wifi plans while in the air as they will be automatically connected to the AirAsia WiFi Portal when they connect to the AirAsia WiFi service. Passengers can start using AirAsia WiFi once the aircraft reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet which is when in-flight WiFi announcement has been made or the seatbelt sign is switched off.

AirAsia Wi-Fi service is available on selected AirAsia flights only. Following are the total number of aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi (as of October 2019) according to AirAsia:

  • AK flight code – 56 aircraft (A320 fleet)
  • Z2 flight code – 7 aircraft (A320 fleet)
  • QZ flight code – 5 aircraft (A320 fleet)
  • FD flight code – 2 aircraft (A320 fleet)

The AirAsia Wi-Fi service uses Satellite Internet technology and is capable of providing speeds of up to 1.33 Mbps.  Actual speed performance may defer subject to the following:

  • Device being used for the connection
  • Number of active users on the same flight
  • The site and server being accessed
  • Satellite connection and speed

Visit this link for more information on U Mobile – AirAsia WiFi service.

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