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Digi Home Fibre Broadband services to be available via TIME Network

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) and TIME dotCom (TIME) today announced a collaboration that will allow Digi to utilise TIME’s fibre broadband network to offer the Digi Home Fibre Broadband service, especially to those residing in residential condominiums and apartments.


(L–R) Angelia Ooi, Head of Product and Customer Experience; Lee Guan Hong, Executive Director of TIME; Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer of Digi; Alex Foo, Head of Strategy and Transformation and Jenny Koay, Head of Home Broadband

Both Telcos said the announcement also signifies both companies’ continuous commitment to support the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) that aims to provide Malaysians with better access to affordable and high-quality connectivity.

At the moment, Digi Home Fibre Broadband comes with unlimited usage and are priced as below:

  • Digi Home Fibre 50Mbps: RM99/month
  • Digi Home Fibre 100Mbps: RM129/month
  • Digi Home Fibre 500Mbps: RM159/month
  • Digi Home Fibre 1Gbps: RM199/month

“This collaboration with TIME dotcom allows us to expand our connectivity footprint for more Malaysians to enjoy a seamless and consistent internet experience in and outside the home with Digi,” said Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer of Digi. “Being customer obsessed, we are steadfast in our ambition to deliver the best value, with a wide-range of service offerings to suit our customers’ needs wherever they may be.”

“We stand behind the quality fibre broadband infrastructure that TIME has built. Access to TIME’s infrastructure is open to Internet service providers (ISPs) seeking to extend high speed broadband (HSBB) connectivity to more Malaysians across the country,” said Lee Guan Hong, Executive Director of TIME. “In tandem with improving overall HSBB connectivity and contributing to the liberalisation of infrastructure access, we will also continue our efforts to expand our coverage footprint across Malaysia.”

In September 2019, Digi Home Fibre was launched in Sabah, following its pilot rollouts earlier this year in selected areas within Klang Valley and Melaka. Residents in these areas can now enjoy high speed internet for all their entertainment and social needs at an affordable price, Digi claims.

It added that that by leveraging on existing infrastructure, a collaboration such as this allows Digi to focus on rolling out services and improving access and customer experiences in the targeted areas faster and in a more cost-efficient manner.

TIME told MalaysianWireless that its fibre broadband network has a footprint of around 800k premises passed as of 2019. The Internet Service Provider is targeting 1 million premises passed by end of 2020.

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