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U Mobile GX38 Prepaid with Unlimited 6Mbps at RM35/month

U Mobile has just announced a new GX38 prepaid add-on plan with unlimited Internet at 6Mbps for a promotional price at RM35/month.


In a media statement, U Mobile said the GX38, like its predecessor GX30, also offers unlimited data to customers, making them the only two prepaid plans in Malaysia to do so. The unlimited data offered is for all data usage and can be used for all apps at any time.

The Telco said that in terms of speed, the unlimited data offered by GX38 is up to 6Mbps, which is 2x faster than GX30. For those who require even faster speeds on their GX38 and GX30, they can add on the Data Booster 5 for RM5 giving them 10GB of high-speed data over 14 days. GX38 also offers a 3GB hotspot.

U Mobile GX38 Prepaid Add-on Plan:

  • RM35/30days for a limited time (normal price at RM38)
  • Unlimited Internet Data for Smartphone
  • Internet Speeds up to 6Mbps
  • 3GB Hotspot
  • Data Booster 5 with high speed 10GB Internet for 14 days at RM5
  • Enjoy maximum Internet speed at RM5 for 24 hours
  • Buy 3GB hotspot for 3 days at RM3

U Mobile’s CMO, Jasmine Lee, explained why the new Giler Unlimited plans offer unbeatable value. “U Mobile is always looking at ways to unleash the unlimited potential of our plans for our customers. With the new GX68 postpaid and GX38 prepaid, customers will enjoy unlimited data at even faster speeds on an improved 4G network. More importantly, there will be no curbs of the respective speeds being offered by the new plans, giving customers an even more unbeatable experience, be it for streaming, gaming or social media. We believe the new Giler Unlimited plans will be an even bigger hit for our customers!”

At the moment, the GX30 prepaid plan is price at RM30/month for unlimited Internet up to 3Mbps and 3GB hotspot quota. There’s also the GX12 weekly unlimited Internet plan at RM12.

Visit this link for more information on U Mobile GX38 prepaid add on plan.

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