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Stay at Home: Tune Talk offer 20% Extra Airtime Credit for its Users

To ensure that Malaysians Stay at Home and in supporting the Movement Control Order (MCO) that has been implemented across the country, Tune Talk is offering an extra 20% airtime credit to its customers.


From now until 31st March 2020, Tune Talk users who top-up/reload via the Tune Talk app/website will enjoy 20% extra credit. The 20% extra credit is available for top-ups from RM5 up to RM200, capped at RM10, given only one time for the 1st top up during the period.

Extra 20% Tune Talk Credit (auto credited) with the following top-up domination:

  • RM5 (5 days validity) – Get extra RM1
  • RM10 (10 days validity) – Get extra RM2
  • RM15 (20 days validity) – Get extra RM3
  • RM20 (20 days validity) – Get extra RM4
  • RM30 (30 days validity) – Get extra RM6
  • RM50 (50 days validity) – Get extra RM10
  • RM100 (100 days validity) – Get extra RM10
  • RM200 (200 days validity) – Get extra RM10

The virtual mobile telecommunication (Telco) company said that this is also another approach to let subscribers choose how they want to connect at home, either for data, voice or SMS, depending on their needs at an affordable rate.

Ameen Amaendran, Tune Talk CEO, stated, “Thank you to all our subscribers that have been loyal with us since day one. As your trusted telco, we want each and every one of you to be able to stay connected at home at all times. We appreciate your utmost support and I hope we can continue to get through this difficult time together.”

“Ultimately, we are also aware that various subscribers utilize their airtime credit differently. Some may want to splurge on data for the latest news and others may want to keep in touch with their loved ones by calling or chatting endlessly. Thus, with the Stay Home offer, there is no restriction on how they utilise the 20% extra credit airtime. We give our subscribers the freedom and the rights to choose, because they are our priority. Stay safe and protect your loved ones by staying vigilant,” the Telco said.

Tune Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia offering its mobile service via the Celcom 4G and 3G mobile network.

Malaysia has declared the Movement Control Order (MCO) effective March 18 to 31 nationwide to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). The order, which is in force for 14 days starting from Wednesday, involves the closure of all government and private premises except for those providing essential services. As of 23 March, there are a total 1518 confirmed COVID-10 cases in Malaysia with 1345 in treatment, 159 discharged and 14 deaths.

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