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4 Best Prepaid Internet Plans in Malaysia – May 2020

In 2019, there were over 40 million mobile broadband/Internet subscriptions in Malaysia. A large number of these mobile subscriptions are prepaid users.

Prepaid Internet service are very popular among Malaysians as it is an affordable option and cheap to access Internet these days. But not all Internet plans are created the same – some gives you more Internet, some gives you less. In today’s ever growing digital world, we consume a lot of Internet services as it becomes an important part of our daily lives.

In this article, we have picked the top 4 best Prepaid Internet plans that brings value for money in Malaysia – as of the month of May 2020.

U Mobile Giler Unlimited Prepaid Plans

U Mobile is the only Telco in Malaysia that is “Giler” enough to offer the most value for money prepaid Internet plans in the country.


The current Editor’s choice for prepaid Internet plans are U Mobile GX38 and U Mobile GX30. Details below.

U Mobile GX38

  • RM38/30 days (RM35 for a limited time until further notice)
  • Unlimited Internet for smartphone, no usage limit
  • Maximum 6Mbps Speeds
  • 3GB Hotspot quota for tethering on your PC/Laptop/Other devices
  • Standard Definition Unlimited Video Streaming (capped around 1.5Mbps)

U Mobile GX30

  • RM30/30 days (RM25/month for the 1st 6-months for customers who port-in their number)
  • Unlimited Internet for smartphone, no usage limit
  • Maximum 3Mbps Speeds
  • 3GB Hotspot quota for tethering on your PC/Laptop/Other devices
  • Standard Definition Unlimited Video Streaming (capped around 1.5Mbps)

The GX38 and GX50 are basically add on plans that can be used on top of a U Mobile Prepaid.

A lot people wants super fast Internet speeds on their smartphone but not many are willing to pay the price for it. At just RM30 or RM38 a month, U Mobile is giving Malaysians a really good value for money prepaid Internet plan with unlimited Internet usage. To be honest, there are many things you can do at the speed of 3Mbps and 6Mbps on your smartphone, such as video calls, streaming of video (standard definition) and music, whatsapp/wechat/telegram/Facebook/Intagram and other social apps, mobile gaming and many more.

The GX38 and GX30 are not suitable for those who use Internet mainly on their PC/Laptop/non-smartphone and those who love to torrent (P2P).

The major problem with this plan is the U Mobile network. There are millions of customers in the U Mobile network right now (because of its value for money prepaid/postpaid plans) and this resulted in network congestion and inconsistent Internet speeds for users at limited areas. We also observed poor coverage issues from users, especially indoors.

Being the smallest Telco company in Malaysia among the top 4, U Mobile is continuously working to improve its network. While the coverage and speed issues will likely remain there for a while, it is area dependent and does not affect everyone. The best way to find out if this affects you is to get a U Mobile prepaid SIM and try it out yourself (if you have a dual sim phone, you can use two sim cards). The U Mobile Prepaid SIM cost RM10 and comes with 200MB of high speed Internet quota that can be used to try out the U Mobile network. There’s no contract so you don’t have to commit if you are not happy with the service.

In general, consumers should be able to get 3Mbps up to 6Mbps if they use the right smartphone that supports Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology such as the Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/Note, iPhones and the mid-high end Huawei smartphones.

The U Mobile Unlimited FUNZ prepaid pack can be purchased at U Mobile service centers and authorised dealers nationwide. You can also get the starter pack on U Mobile website at RM40 (including a top up of RM30) with delivery.

Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited Prepaid Plan

We are not a big fan of Yes 4G due to its limited mobile coverage nationwide. However, this article is not related to network and its about the best prepaid Internet plans in Malaysia.

Our second best value for money prepaid Internet plans are the Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited prepaid plans.

There are two Konfem Unlimited Prepaid Internet plans from Yes 4G: Konfem Unlimited SD Epik and Konfem Unlimited HD Epik. Details below:

Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited SD Epik

  • RM30/30 days
  • Maximum 3Mbps Internet speeds
  • Unlimited Internet for smartphone, no usage limit
  • Standard Definition Video Streaming (capped at around 1.5Mbps)

Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited HD Epik

  • RM40/30 days
  • Maximum 4Mbps Internet speeds
  • Unlimited Internet for smartphone, no usage limit
  • High Definition Video Streaming

Both Konfem Unlimited SD Epik and Konfem Unlimited HD Epik are add on plans available for a limited time until further notice from YTL Communications (Yes4G).

In our opinion, Yes 4G does not have a great network, especially indoors. It also doesn’t have a 3G network or domestic roaming partnership with other Telcos. Recently we observed high number of complaints from users who experience slow speeds during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. Fortunately these are area dependent. You could try out the Yes 4G service/network by purchasing the Yes 4G prepaid pack for RM10 and it comes with 1GB high speed data with 7 days of validity.

The Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited prepaid plan is designed for people who wants unlimited Internet on their smartphone that can be used for video streaming, social apps, mobile gaming and more. The plan is not designed for users who use Internet mainly on their PC/Laptop/non-smartphone and those who love to torrent (P2P).

Another thing to note is the device type. You need a smartphone (such as the top Samsung/Huawei/iPhones) that supports the following networks bands (frequencies): Band 40, Band 38 and Band 20.

In general, the Konfem Unlimited prepaid plans from Yes 4G are affordable with unlimited Internet. If you don’t really mind on not getting any signals inside shopping malls/buildings, you may purchase the Yes 4G sim pack at authorised dealers or on the Yes 4G website at RM10.

Unifi Mobile Bebas Prepaid Internet Plan

Unifi Mobile (part of Telekom Malaysia) is currently one of the smallest mobile Telco in Malaysia.

We don’t find any of their regular prepaid Internet add on plan to be interesting as its expensive price tag don’t justify its 4G network coverage and capabilities. We are also not a big fan of split quota between 3G and 4G (Unifi is the only Telco to do this). Users could roam on the Celcom 3G network if they can’t get any 4G coverage from Unifi Mobile (specific 3G quota is needed).

However we will recommend the Bebas Weekly prepaid plan although this is being offered for a limited time only (been a few years now).


The Unifi Prepaid Bebas Weekly add on plan is pretty simple, it cost RM20 a week and comes with unlimited 4G-only LTE Internet.

There’s no limitation to this plan in terms on how you use it apart from network speeds. From what we have seen, users have reported speeds below 10Mbps, from 5Mbps to 7Mbps.

There are also the Bebas Daily and Bebas 2 Hours plans that are priced reasonably for unlimited Internet.

Not all smartphones/devices can support the Unifi Mobile network. Users needs to ensure that their device supports the following bands to use Unifi Mobile: Band 5, Band 38, Band 40.

To be sure you are within coverage and to test out the service, you can always get a Unifi Mobile prepaid pack at RM10 via its mobile@unifi app, comes with 3GB high speed Internet and free delivery. For limited time until 30 June 2020, new customers will enjoy a one month unlimited 4G Internet pass for free if they reload RM20 within 7 days of activation.


Yoodo is a “digital service” from Celcom Axiata. Despite the “digital” claim, it is technically a prepaid service since you need pay before you use. What we like about Yoodo is that you can pay for what you want to use and customise your plan every month (but not 100% customization since you can’t be super precise and must pick from the available options).

The mobile plan from Yoodo are pretty straightforward. You pick on how much voice calls minutes, SMS and Internet quota that you want and pay for what you have selected. For example, you can just pick 10GB Internet quota and use that for a month without voice and SMS.


One reason we would recommend Yoodo is this plan- 20GB Internet at RM20/month. Right now, a 20GB Internet quota is only available for RM20 a month but this is promotional only for a limited time (unless Yoodo have plans to extend this promo and keep its customers).

In general, Yoodo users should be able to experience average Internet speeds between 10Mbps to 30Mbps most of the time, with the right device, via the Celcom network nationwide.

Their regular monthly rate for Internet starts from 2GB for RM12, 5GB for RM25, 10GB for RM35, 15GB for RM40 up to 100GB at RM98. In our opinion, the smaller quota plans are pretty expensive for a Telco that says “Only Pay for What you Need”.

There are also app based add on ranging from RM5/month up to RM10/month. For an example, Yoodo is offering 20GB quota for Facebook at RM5/month, 20GB Whatsapp at RM5/month, 20GB Youtube at RM10/month, 20GB Netflix at RM10/month and more.

Yoodo offers free sim card delivery and the plan can be customised on its website or via its mobile apps.

Disclaimer: Please refer to the respective mobile Telecommunication companies (Telcos) for accurate details. This article is for informational purpose only.

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