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U Mobile partners Tiffin for Food Delivery throughout Ramadan and Raya

U Mobile has collaborated with Tiffin, a multi-layered dining experiences, to offer gourmet meals prepared by three popular local culinary talents that may be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home during the Ramadan and Raya period.

What to expect in the Tiffin Samplers (left to right): Lontong Rendang Goreng from Pinggan Puteh, Rendang with Ulam Pesto Rice from Embun Eats, Random Chicken Rice Bowl with Durian Butter or Lemon Butter from Projek Dapur Umar x Hikayat Percik.

Called Tiffin Samplers, these meals will be prepared by Pinggan Puteh, Embun Eats and Projek Dapur Umar x Hikayat Percik, and they feature popular Malay dishes like lontong and rendang, but with a modern year 2020 twist.


To make the dining experience even more meaningful, U Mobile is subsidising the price of each Tiffin Sampler with a RM10 discount so that more may try the meals out. On top of that, the mobile Telco is also footing food delivery costs.

The Tiffin Samplers cost RM20 for 1 person or RM40 for 2 person, available for pre-order from 6 May 2020 – 16 June 2020 with free delivery in Klang Valley.

Pinggan Puteh (White Plates)
Pinggan Puteh is a fine dining and hospitality provider which offers bespoke dining experiences, catering services and food consultancy. They specialise in curating a unique combination of classic and contemporary Malaysian cuisine.


Led by their Executive Chef Tariq Iskandar, an award-winning culinary savant who had clinched a Gold Medal in the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2014, and paired with impeccable service, Pinggan Puteh has been featured in countless videos and blogs for creating memorable experiences for all. More info on instagram.com/pingganputeh

Embun Eats
Embun Eats is the brainchild of colleagues Nasha, Erica and Sophea who met 3 years ago and quickly bonded over their shared interest for food. Like many Malaysians, they were proud of our intangible food heritage, versatility of local ingredients and famous makan culture.


Throughout 2019, they travelled to their hometowns, cooked with relatives, listened to their stories, and wrote down their “petua-petua dapur”. They discovered local small-scale producers who were still protecting their craft and met home cooks who “agak-agak-ed” their way to perfecting recipes they inherited. Just like that, Embun Eats was born to build a food experience brand that highlights Malaysia—one plate at a time.

Embun Eats aims to make use of as many local ingredients and fast disappearing techniques as possible while injecting a little bit of fun in the process. Imagine a playful take on old-school classics—like nasi lemak arancini, roti aiskrim eclair, ulam pesto rice salad and coconut kantan cake! By doing so, Embun Eats hopes that its efforts will spark a sense of nostalgia, excitement and pride— but more importantly to tell the stories, and to start the conversations around appreciating, sustaining, evolving, and preserving this part of our treasured heritage. More info on instagram.com/embuneats

Projek Dapur Umar
Projek Dapur Umar is the brainchild of Umar, a literature graduate whose culinary interest was sparked by the time he spent in his grandmother’s kitchen. He was inspired to do more and made it a goal to improve and explore his culinary skills.


Projek Dapur Umar’s first commercial dish, the Durian Butter Chicken, was a result of 2 years of research and 3 months of experimentation. Operating on an experimental kitchen concept, their menu changes depending on what Umar has on his mind after months of research. This ensures that diners will get to experience new flavours that fit the Malaysian palate. Eco-conscious diners will also be glad to know that Projek Dapur Umar tries their best to reduce their carbon footprint by using locally sourced ingredients and ulam in most of their dishes. More info on instagram.com/projekdapurumar

Hikayat Percik
Hikayat Percik is a pop-up kitchen project by singer-songwriter Ashraf and his wife Kina who is a jewellery artist. They aim to bring out the authentic flavours of the East Coast with a twist, by introducing it in a more contemporary, fun and unconventional setting.


Hikayat carries the tales of faraway places while Percik is reminiscent of home. Their menu is a culmination of the many dinner parties they’ve hosted, entertaining friends from all over the world, each menu curated with a specific interest in mind. They enjoy experimenting with traditional Malay cooking, especially cuisine from the East Coast where Kina is from, with different flavours discovered during their travels. More info on instagram.com/hikayatpercik

U Mobile Live Music Streaming

As part of its Unlimited Grooves initiative, U Mobile is working with Aina Abdul and Mafidzw for a line-up of shows to stream right through Ramadan to Raya for free.

For the Raya edition which is entitled #RayaWithU, it will feature Yuna, who is now a globally renowned star and she will be singing her renditions of Raya songs with some her friends like Bil Musa, Pastel Lite and Aizat Amdan. For more information, visit the U Mobile social media pages.

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