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The Battle of the “Truly” Unlimited Internet Prepaid Plans

Consumers in Malaysia now have more options when it comes to choosing an unlimited Internet prepaid plan. But which one is truly unlimited and at the same time, brings you the best value at super affordable price?

Recently, Hotlink and Xpax made available their unlimited monthly Internet prepaid plans for the first time ever. But did you know that Unlimited Internet plans have been available from U Mobile for a couple of years now?


As the ‘ORIGINATORS’ of unbeatable unlimited plans in Malaysia, U Mobile has decided to further enhance its Giler Unlimited (GX) prepaid plans to give only the best value as part of its GilerBagiLebih campaign aimed at supporting customers in the new normal.


If you refer to the table above, U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX30 and GX38 brings more value to customers at an affordable price.

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited monthly plan claims to offer “Truly Unlimited Internet”, but just days into the launch, several screenshots suggesting an 50GB FUP emerged. For the price of RM45/month to boot..

XPAX, too, decided to take a shot into the Unlimited Internet Sphere, offering RM35 monthly unlimited Internet plans – but with speeds of only 3Mbps, and limited 3GB hotspot quota.

After a report of a ‘glitch’ on MyDigi app that showed a similar unlimited internet offering (which was removed almost immediately) recently, it seems like Digi has finally released the plan on 30 June 2020. However, the plan – which offers 3Mbps unlimited data plus unlimited calls at RM35 – is not available to all and only offered to selected users under MyDigi’s “Box of Surprise”.

With two back to back launches by both Hotlink and XPAX in the same week, U Mobile counter offers by offering an upgrade for its GX38 and GX30 prepaid plans.

U Mobile now brings you more value with 2x more speeds up to 6Mbps, double hotspot quota (6GB) and unlimited calls, all these at RM35 a month for the GX38 plan.

Don’t need Unlimited Calls? The GX30 is priced at RM30/30days for unlimited internet with 2x more speeds up to 6Mbps and 2x hotspot quota of 6GB Internet.

Best of all, U Mobile Giler Unlimited (GX) prepaid plans are truly unlimited with no data quota.

There is no confusion here: From as low as RM1/day for UNLIMITED INTERNET, only U Mobile Giler Unlimited plan gives you the best value at an affordable price.

So what can you do with the U Mobile Giler Unlimited prepaid plans?

  • 2x Faster Unlimited Data- Unlimited data to scroll through your favourite apps at up to 6Mbps speed!
  • Stream non-stop- Unlimited streaming data available 24/7
  • Talk it out Everyday- Unlimited Calls to all network for your Giler talks
  • 2x Hotspot Data to Share- Now up to 6GB hotspot data to be shared with anyone

If you need a high speed data boost on the U Mobile GX30 and GX38 plans, just add on Data Booster 5 which will give you 10GB high-speed data for 14 days at just RM5.

Want more hotspot data on GX30 and GX38? Add on a Hotspot Booster that will provide additional 3GB hotspot data for 3 days at just RM3.

Interested to sign up? You can keep your mobile number and switch to U Mobile now. That’s not all, if you port in to U Mobile, the GX30 plan will cost even cheaper at RM25/month or just RM35/month for the GX38! You can also purchase the U Mobile prepaid pack on the U Mobile website.

Get more details here-> click this link.

This article is brought to you by U Mobile.

At U Mobile, we want to help our consumers realise their Unlimited Potential. We make it our business to constantly innovate so that we can create products and services that our consumers value most. With our continuing commitment to expand our 4G network and roll out 5G powered innovations in various sectors, we are in the position to deliver an enhanced network and customer experience that will add unlimited fun and freedom to our consumers’ lives.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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