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Maxis quietly removes Loh Keh Jiat as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

On 23rd October 2020, Maxis announced that Loh Keh Jiat will be appointed as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective 1 December 2020. However, a check by MalaysianWireless today found out that Maxis quietly removed details about Loh Keh Jiat being appointed as CMO in its press announcement dated 23rd October on its website.

The original announcement by Maxis on 23rd October 2020 (refer last paragraph in the following screenshot):



The latest version of the announcement as of today can be found here, where details of Loh Keh Jiat’s appointment has been removed completely and quietly.

The original Maxis announcement can also be found at Digital News Asia (as the Maxis corporate communication team does not share any press announcement with MalaysianWireless).

At the time of writing, Maxis has yet to provide an update to MalaysianWireless today.

However on the 18 November 2020, Maxis confirmed with MalaysianWireless that Loh Keh Jiat will still be appointed as their CMO on 1st December 2020.

Maxis Berhad is a public listed company and one of the largest mobile operator in the country.

Loh Keh Jiat, who supposedly joined Maxis yesterday, was previously with Digi for 12 years, with various senior positions. His last position with Digi was Chief Marketing Officer.

Article being updated.

Note: We apologise for the incorrect details earlier.

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