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ZTE talks about 5G progress in 2020 and expectations for 2021

In a recent interview with Mobile World Live, ZTE shared some of its 5G progress in 2020 and what to expect in 2021.


Mr. Xiao Ming, President of ZTE’s Overseas Operations (picture) said, “Despite a challenging year in 2020, ZTE achieved a fairly good results, over a 11% revenue growth with steady growth in domestic and overseas market.”

Sharing ZTE’s progress in Europe, Mr. Xiao Ming added that ZTE is deploying 5G in multiple Europe countries include 56 cities in Italy, 6 northern cities in Spain, and collaborating with Hutchison Drei Austria for the first 5G core in Europe. “With that, we are able to bring 5G standard roaming services to Europe”.

“In Asia, we are also catching up. In Thailand, ZTE is working with Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) and True Corporation Public Company Limited (True).”

Last year in July, ZTE and True announced that it will build a commercial 5G network in Thailand. True, a fully licensed operator in Thailand, with a 30% market share in the mobile market of the country, will adopt ZTE’s 5G RAN products and services to build a commercial 5G network in Thailand.

Mr. Xiao Ming further explained that ZTE increased its R&D spending in the past year by 15% to bring more innovative solutions to customers. “We remain very positive for the year 2021 and we will bring 5G services to more countries worldwide”

When asked about how ZTE can help operators reduce cost on 5G rollout, Mr. Xiao Ming said that ZTE can bring down CAPEX with innovative solutions such as UniSite which brings down the number of antennas by 6-7% – a huge savings in deployment cost.


“We have deployed around 600,000 sites worldwide up to now and we have helped our customers save up to USD 1 billion in electricity bill,”

Mr. Xiao Ming also said that ZTE is collaborating with 500 industry partners, working in 15 different industries. For example, ZTE has cooperated with Hutchison Drei Austria (H3A) to carry out a 5G Bee-o-Meter research and pilot in Austria since 2019, which allows 5G to improve the living environment of bees via visual analysis and other technologies. In Belgium, ZTE provided 5G applications in Antwerp port, Europe’s second largest port, to build 5G smart port together with other industry partners.

ZTE ranks one of the global top 3 for its sustainable leadership in 5G declared Standard-Essential Patents(SEP) to ETSI, according to the latest report “Who is leading the 5G patent race?” published on February 16 by IPlytics, a market intelligence tool to analyze technology trends, market developments and a company’s competitive position.

Check out the full video interview here.


This article is brought to you by ZTE Malaysia.

ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology. Founded in 1985 and listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value to consumers, carriers, businesses and government and enterprise network customers from over 160 countries around the world to enable increased connectivity and productivity.

ZTE believes in technology innovation as a core value of the company, continuously enhancing its core competitive advantages in the 5G era. For the first nine months, the company’s R&D expense reached RMB 10.79 billion, making up 14.6% of 9-month revenue, a year-on-year increase of 15.3 %. ZTE has filed applications for more than 74,000 patents, with over 34,000 granted. Since 2010, ZTE has been ranked among the world’s Top-5 for patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) each year, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. As a major contributor and participant in the research of global 5G technologies and standards, ZTE has declared 2,561 families of 5G Standard-Essential Patents(SEP) to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), thereby being included among global top 3, according to IPlytics’ report on February 2020.

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