Monday, March 27, 2023

U Mobile built 576 new 4G sites in 2020, over 7400 4G sites today

U Mobile, the 4G mobile operator in Malaysia, revealed recently that it built 576 new 4G sites in 2020. The Telco said that this equals to about 1.5 sites built every single day in Malaysia.


In building the “network of the future”, U Mobile said some of the recent new 4G sites are located at:

  • Segambut Jaya (KL)
  • Rasah Kemayan (Negeri Sembilan)
  • Kampung Baru Tasek (Perak)
  • Kampung Baroh (Perlis)
  • Jalan Paya Terubang (Penang)
  • Kampung Paya Teratai (Kelantan)
  • Taman Iramanis (Sabah)


At the moment, in 2021, the Telco has over 7400 4G sites across the country with more being built everyday. Its human population 4G coverage stood at 82% nationwide while specifically in West Malaysia, the human population coverage is at 96%.

In reference to a recent report from Opensignal (based on collected data from January-June, 2019-2020),  U Mobile’s network improved in the following:

  • 127.8% improvement in Upload Speed Experience
  • 69% improvement in Download Speed Experience
  • 39.2% improvement in Video Experience
  • 18.6% increase in 4G Availability

During a Bernama TV programme last month, Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile said that the Telecommunications service provider is confident all its subscribers will convert to fourth generation (4G) network following the sunset of 3G network by the end of the year.

Jasmine said the telco operator started the exercise two years ago, together with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to encourage users to convert to 4G devices for better connectivity experience.

“When 3G network is shut off, we can re-farm the spectrum over to 4G network that will provide users with better coverage as well as better connectivity experience.

“The industry has been aggressively expanding 4G network coverage, and for the last two years U Mobile has already expanded its 4G coverage capacity to over 7,400 sites nationwide including rural areas in Kelantan and Sabah,” she added.

According to her, the National Digital Infrastructure Plan (JENDELA) initiative helped to organise the telco industry in achieving the country’s full potential of digitisation and reduce the digital divide among the people.

“When JENDELA comes in, it adds a different dimension on the national level to make it easier for telco operators in our expansion plan. It also fits nicely into our aspiration to provide better connectivity.

“It is important that we have the national agenda that will help us in speeding up our efficiency as we work together with third parties for our expansion plans,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jasmine said U Mobile has been actively participating and working with the government to identify areas it could focus on, ahead of the launching of the 5G network under the MyDIGITAL blueprint by the end of this year.

“We have already done a few 5G network trials for consumer services and manufacturing, as well as in telemedicine where it benefits more on the industry in changing how they work to create productivity and efficiency in mass scale.

“By the time 5G network comes out, we must make sure everyone is experiencing good connectivity and then we will see more explosions of start-ups and enterprises that can leverage the application of the 5G platform,” she said.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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