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Celcom has the Slowest 4G Network in Malaysia – Opensignal Report

The latest April 2021 mobile experience report from Opensignal revealed that Celcom has the slowest 4G network in Malaysia.

Analysing the mobile network experience for customers of the main operators in the country, Opensignal said that U Mobile received three awards (the most of any telco), Digi two and Unifi one, in addition to Celcom’s two and Maxis’ one. YTL’s Yes 4G did not achieve anything at the national level.


The report, based on a 3-months data collection from Opensignal users in Malaysia, between December 2020 until February 2021, claims that Digi is currently the fastest 4G network in the country, while placing Maxis at the second place. Meanwhile U Mobile is at third place while unifi mobile comes in fourth. Celcom ranks the lowest in this list.

Notable findings in the report include:

  • DiGi users had the best experience when streaming video on mobile networks. DiGi beat Maxis to win the Video Experience award with a score of 62.7 points (out of 100). The overall Video Experience in Malaysia has improved on the majority of networks. Unifi users reported the greatest improvement of 31%, followed by those on U Mobile with 18.4%. Only Celcom’s score decreased slightly.
  • DiGi has overtaken Maxis with the top spot for Download Speed Experience. Users on DiGi’s network have seen their speeds improve by an impressive 26.1% since the last report, while their counterparts on Maxis reported a decline of 17.5%. As a result, DiGi overturned Maxis’ lead of 3.9 Mbps and, in this report, now commands a lead of 1.4 Mbps. Apart from DiGi users, Unifi users were the only ones who observed improved download speeds.
  • Despite all round improvements, Malaysia’s telcos are still all ranked in Opensignal’s ‘Poor’ category when it comes to mobile gaming experience. A Poor Games Experience rating means that users found the level of experience unacceptable, with poor responsiveness and lack of controllability in many cases.
  • U Mobile has won the Voice App Experience and Upload Speed Experience awards outright, whilst also jointly winning the Games Experience award with Maxis.
  • 4G Availability (proportion of time Opensignal users with a 4G device have a 4G connection) – Celcom and Unifi are now statistically tied, with scores averaging around 89.5%. This means Celcom no longer wins the award outright.
  • Opensignal saw noticeable increases in users’ mobile experience across operators in most categories. Unifi users reported a significant increase in Video Experience (31%), Download Speed Experience (35.1%), and 4G Availability (5.2 percentage points).
  • U Mobile users saw improvements in Games Experience (17%), Upload Speed Experience (5.5%), 4G Availability (5.4 percentage points) and 4G Coverage Experience (2.5%).
  • MalaysianWireless notes that the report indicates that unifi 3G performs better than Celcom 3G when it comes to certain measurement despite the unifi 3G services are powered by the Celcom 3G network. unifi 3G beats Celcom 3G when it comes to Games Experience (37.9 vs 35), Voice App Experience (72.2 vs 65.7) and surprisingly Upload Speeds (1.2Mbps vs 1.1Mbps).

Opensignal 4G Download Speed Experience (Nationwide):

  • Digi: 16Mbps
  • Maxis: 13.6Mbps
  • U Mobile: 10.9Mbps
  • unifi Mobile: 9.9Mbps
  • Celcom: 8.4Mbps

Opensignal Download Speed Experience (3G + 4G Nationwide):


  • Digi: 13.3Mbps
  • Maxis: 11.9Mbps
  • U Mobile: 9.6Mbps
  • unifi Mobile: 9.1Mbps
  • Celcom: 7.7Mbps

When it comes to Upload speeds, Opensignal claims that U Mobile is the fastest, while Digi comes in second and Maxis is at third place.

Opensignal 4G Upload Speed Experience (Nationwide):

  • U Mobile: 8.1Mbps
  • Digi: 6.9Mbps
  • Maxis: 5.6Mbps
  • Celcom: 4.8Mbps
  • unifi Mobile: 2.3Mbps

Opensignal Upload Speed Experience (3G + 4G Nationwide):


  • U Mobile: 7Mbps
  • Digi: 5.6Mbps
  • Maxis: 4.9Mbps
  • Celcom: 4.4Mbps
  • unifi Mobile: 2.2Mbps

[PDF]– Opensignal Malaysia Mobile Experience Report April 2021

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